Thursday, August 16, 2007

Zerb! (and other stuff)

Don't get me wrong. Zerb Singleton is one of my favorite players on this Navy team and always a fun guy to talk with, but I was a little surprised to see the latest issue of Sports Illustrated rank him as our "top ballcarrier." It's not that Zerb isn't a fine back, because he certainly is, but I think Adam Ballard, Reggie Campbell, and Shun White might have something to say about who the "top ballcarrier" is by seasons end.

Speaking of explosive backfield combinations, there seems to be a lot of talk around the major media outlets of the top backfields in the country. Not only was it a topic of conversation on ESPN's College Football Live the other day, but it's the topic of a recent article by columnist Cory McCartney. Cory ranks the top ten backfield "duos" in the country, but because he decides to account for all nine of USC's VHT running backs, he's really ranking the entire backfield. I know the Midshipmen don't sport the same kind of talent as the likes of Texas A&M, Clemson, and others, but I think it's worth giving the Mids a mention in rankings like this. After all, Navy is the leading rushing team in the country, and returns three backs who rushed for over 500 yards last season, as well as quarterback Kaipo-Noa. And while Reggie Campbell might not be Mike Goodson and Adam Ballard doesn't get the publicity of a Jorvorskie Lane, I wouldn't underestimate the pure talent of Navy's backfield. After all, Phil Steele ranked the Midshipmen as his #6 backfield in the country, and had I been writing the article I would of given the Midshipmen a similar ranking.
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Football Dad Dan said...

When was the last time Zerbe wore #47 ? ----> Surely you must have access to a photo from the past two full seasons while he is wearing his #28???

Adam said...

Zerb wore #47 in 2005. I've looked around the web but couldn't find any good shots of him in #28.