Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Depth Chart

Courtesy of NavySports.com, here are some notable changes...
  • Zerbin Singleton is once again listed as the "starting slotback" opposite Reggie Campbell. You may recall that Shun White earned the starting spot on last week's depth chart, a point which really doesn't matter because all three guys are going to play a lot of snaps anyway.
  • DE Casey Herbert is off the team, basically giving the right end job junior Michael Walsh, who has had a solid camp.
  • Andrew Lark is second on the depth chart at Nose Guard, which in some capacity confirms that the "looks" test is not totally inapplicable.
  • A couple interestingly placed "ORs" on defense, including one at the outside linebacking position with the Matt's (Humiston, Wimsatt, Nechak.) Matt Nechak has had an outstanding camp and his hard work has earned him a spot up there with Humiston and Wimsatt, but I think the two seniors get the "official" start come Temple. But I wouldn't worry if I were Matt Nechak. He'll likely get his chances to come in and play in 2007, and he has a very promising future ahead of him.
  • Pospisil and Haberer are second at the ILB spots. What can I say, we have a lot of talented sophomores.
  • Joe Taylor, as reported, is on the three deep at outside linebacker.
  • The starting secondary looks to be more or less up and running, although the backups still have to be worked out. If I'd have to guess right now, the "nickleback" would be Blake Carter or maybe even Wyatt Middleton. But then again I'm just a blogger, so what do I know.
  • The punting job is wide open. I'm talking whoever wants it. Kyle, Greg, or Joey. Because Joey has always taken the time to talk with me in the past, I'm hoping he can win it. He's a helluva nice guy and it would be a shame to see him (or Greg, for that matter) spend their senior year on the bench.

That's all for now.


Stephen said...


The more I think about Navy's defense, the more excited I get. I think this year's defensive unit is going to surprise a lot of people.

I know the defense hasn't been very effective at stopping the number one offense, but I think we need to keep in mind that the number one offense is one of the more difficult offenses in all of college football to stop.

Shack's Daddy said...

I agree. This defense does have a lot of potential. It may take a few games for them to gel, but they do have some good athletes. Opening with Temple is a nice way for such an inexperienced unit to start off the season. I agree with you also, Adam--Humiston and Wimsatt have earned the starting positions at outside backer and the sophomores are very talented.

Gary said...

I was totally psyched for this year as the summer has progressed.
I think we should blow out Temple by at least the 21 points we are now favored by.
But how is all this stuff about the new Supe not being a football / sport friendly guy that will not only affect the team but the entire Brigade?
It looks like a major problem and would set us back.
Is it possible for the team to be able to seperate from all that stuff going on with this new guy?

Adam said...

Thanks for the thoughts guys. Can't wait for next week!