Monday, August 13, 2007

Blog Poll Top 25: I Love the Big 24 Edition

1Southern Cal 25
2Texas 24
3West Virginia 23
4Michigan 22
5Wisconsin 21
6LSU 20
7Florida 19
8Louisville 18
9Texas A&M 17
10Virginia Tech 16
11Penn State 15
12Oklahoma 14
13UCLA 13
14Oregon 12
15Hawaii 11
16California 10
17TCU 9
18Ohio State 8
19Missouri 7
20Boise State 6
21Nebraska 5
22Arkansas 4
23South Florida 3
24Wake Forest 2
25Iowa 1

Dropped Out: None
On the Cusp: Notre Dame, Texas Tech, Rutgers, Oregon, Georgia Tech
Teams I Intentionally Screwed: Oregon State

Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes: I was really trying to find a way not to have Southern Cal as the number one team in the country, but considering I have no love for the other possible choices (Texas, LSU, West Virginia) I swallowed my pride and put what really is hands down the best team in the land...Obviously, my poll is heavy when it comes to Big 12 and Big 10 teams, or as I like to say, Big 24 teams (even though combined they only have 23 teams,) partially out of hopeless bias against the SEC and Pac 10, but also because I think we're seeing a resurgence in the two conferences...The two big surprises off the bat may be Wisconsin at #5 and Texas A&M at #9, neither of which I plan on apologizing for nor changing when we're asked to to type up another poll next week. Wisconsin is the most underrated team in the entire country with 16 returning starters and Michigan has to come through Madison this season. Yea, they do lose Stocco but so what, LSU lost Russell and Oklahoma doesn't even have a quarterback and you don't see people dropping them out of the Top 10. I like Tyler Donovan at QB and what may be the most underrated WR group in the country. As far as A&M goes all anyone wants to talk about is the loss to Cal in the Bowl game. Never mind the fifteen returning starters this year including the best backfield (McGee, Goodson, Lane) and offensive line combination in the entire country, as well a defense which has steadily improved and looks poised to mirror Aggie defenses of the past. I would not be at all surprised if COoch Fran's group rolled into Norman undefeated on November 3rd...Speaking of those two teams, what do they have in common? Offensive lines! My thinking has really progressed over the past year, and unlike the folks over at ESPN who always insist on exaggerating the 40 times of skill positions players and referencing statistics compiled against easy non-conference foes, I prefer to to stick with the basics. If you have a solid O-Line that can open up holes in the running game and capable wide receivers then you my friend are going to succeed as a football team (that is unless you don't play defense, See Purdue)...Speaking of team's with good O-Line's, OMG Adam how could you not have Rutgers in your Top 25? Well, because I don't. Brian has gone ahead and asked us bloggers to make a case for one team which is overrated and one which is underrated. I've already decided on going with Rutgers as my overrated program, and have narrowed my underrated program down to Wake Forest or Texas A&M. Stay tuned for both those write ups later this week...

Any questions, comments, or angry rebuttals can be addressed in the comment box below. Since we have to come up with a revised Top 25 next week, I'm open to any and all criticisms.


Anonymous said...

Really? aTm with the best backfield? Come on man - WVU has two legitimate heisman candidates in their back field. And if you honestly think that the "Big 24" is due for a big year...I mean, couldn't you say that about the last decade for both conferences?

Big 10 = OSU, UM, and one other team that gets to play a cupcake conf sked w/ only one of the OSU/UM.

Big 12 = the North is a joke. The South will get a team into the BCS, but that's about it.

Adam said...

Well, I have WVU third so I don't think I'm doing any great disservice to Pat White, Steve Slaton, and their very good offensive line...

Yes, I do agree that you could say that both the Big 12 and Big 10 have "looked" good in preseason for years now, but for a variety of reasons I just think that both conferences. As for a "cupcake" schedule, the whole concept is so relative to where you live in the country and who you root for that it almost seems pointless to debate.

For anyone wondering, I'm aware that the SEC is the best conference, I just see no reason in gushing over it constantly like the "experts" do.

jeremy said...

I totally agree about Wisconsin. I think they have a shot at the National title and will blow michigan off the field in madison

Eric said...

You're probably right, Jeremy, Wisconsin is going to beat up on Michigan when the time comes.

I do disagree with UCLA being in the top 15. I can't figure out what is so great about the Bruins this coming season. The offense was, at times, pretty anemic.

I'm also not on the A&M bandwagon. They beat up on UL Lafayette, The Citadel, Louisiana Tech, and almost lost to Army in their OOC schedule and they didn't seem like htey had it in them to beat Nebraska and Oklahoma.

That's probably just me though because I tend to not buy into those teams that the talking heads and pundits slaver over. If A&M can beat Miami, I'll buy into them.

Shack's Daddy said...

It is hard for people throughout the country to give the Pac-10 the credit they deserve. Over the past 10 years, the Pac-10 is 257-122 against other conferences and independents. That is a whopping.678 winning percentage and they have virtually owned the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl over the past 30 years. They play an exciting game of football with balanced offenses. USC and UCLA alone have dominated college athletics (albeit UCLA has had much of its succes in women's sports).

Adam said...

I don't usually follow the PAc-10 and have no reason to cheer for any of the school's with the exception of Washington State, but I do think Dorrell is a good coach and with 20 returning starters from a team that underachieved I think they are poised for a big year.

I actually disagree over A&M. I've been seeing a lot of backlash against the Aggies, mostly on account of the loss to Cal in the bowl game and people second guessing Coach Fran. I think they will handle a Miami team which doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the preseason Top 25, but as usual commands the attention of ESPN just because they have a high number of people who run sub 4.5s or whatnot.