Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Afternoon Media Watch

Press Briefings:

August 23rd: Coach Johnson discusses the new Superintendent, the new kickoff rule, and the loss of Ryan Burke at center (quit the team.)

August 24th: Coach Johnson tells Christian Swezey that 72 players will dress for Temple, and that plebe wide receiver Mario Washington has left both the team and the Academy (apparently he changed his mind.)

August 25th: Coach Johnson addresses questions about Friday's scrimmage, the possibility of using Zerb Singleton as a kick returner, and which plebe's will make the trip to Philadelphia.

Newspaper Articles:

Mids Busy Covering All Bases (Annapolis Capital): Bill Wagner gives us his scrimmage report from Friday.

Can Navy Give Johnson No. 100? (Baltimore Examiner): Wait, since when does Gary Lambrecht write for the examiner?

Taylors More Than An Average Joe And Joey (Washington Post): Christian Swezey gets the inside story on the juniors who share the same name.

Policy Shift Leaves The Brigade At Home (Washington Examiner): All I can say is that with six days until Temple I'm not going to touch this again.

Navy Linebackers Must Step Forward (Annapolis Capital): For the record I've been calling them "the Matt's" for weeks now.

Cliff Notes: Navy held a situational scrimmage on Friday in which the scout team predictably got clobbered...Plebe wideout Mario Washington apparently quit the team and the Academy only to come back the next day...David Ausiello has a good article in which he finds an unlikely ally for those who wish to see Midshipmen at the Temple game...Navy center Antron Harper has been named to the preseason watch list for the prestigious Lombardi Award, which is given annually to the nation's best offensive lineman...River Hill (Md) linebacker Jonathan Hill recently spoke with about his commitment. Hill plays for a very strong program in HoCo (Howard County, where I'm from) and runs in the low to mid 4.5s.

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phelix said...

The Examiner gave Lambrecht a column. Sucks that he isn't covering Navy for us anymore, but pretty awesome for him.