Friday, August 24, 2007

New Poll

I've had a crazy day and a half here, but I've got a new poll to tickle your fancy. The question is as simple as can be, and I don't anticipate a whole lot of parody in the responses. It's simple, Will Navy beat Temple next Friday? Poll closes 2ish next Friday, so be sure to get your vote in.

Also, Eric over at SaturdaySoundOffs is doing a little blogger Q&A that I'm participating in. It'll be out sometime within the next day, so be sure to head over there to check it out.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

can you change the font color on your polls? they don't show up against the blue sidebar background

Adam said...

No, unfortunately I can't. I’ve tried several times but there’s no way to change the text color on polls (that I know of.) Another reason why I may need to move off of blogger.

Anonymous said...

We should beat Temple. However, every team deserves our respect. I think we are capable of beating or losing to any team on our schedule.

Adam said...


Brian said...

Navy should beat Temple, but it may be close because neither team will be at 100%yet. If this was later it the year, the Temple would get destroyed

Gary said...

Ok- no tiptoeing on this one -we should slaughter Temple!
That being said- we better win or else this will be a very tough year.
Thanks to VADM/Supe Fouler for not wanting the Brigade at the game.
Nice show of support!