Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday Media Watch

Navy Football Articles:

Apparently we're "Mulling" a Conference Move (Baltimore Examiner): Um, yikes...

Wagner Article on Plebes Moving on Up (Crabwrapper): Nothing knew here, although Wagner seems to confirm that Thrasher will be suspended for the opener.

Wagner Article on "D" (Crabwrapper): Basically a summery of what's going on with the defense these days.

Freshmen Are Bright Spots In Scrimmage (Washington Times): Self-explanatory.

Blog Posts I Like:

Evolution of an Offense (Blue-Gray Sky): Incredibly insightful post about Notre Dame's need to change the offense this year based on different packages in the offense. Michael's conclusion? The Irish will be running more looks with two-tight ends and more looks with two backs in the backfield.

Top 10 Running Backs in the Country (Heisman Pundit): Heisman Pundit has been churning out some great content in a lead up to the season as of late, be sure to check this out.

Kyle's Preseason Top 25 (Dawg Sports): An SEC perspective for you.

Lee Corso Drops an F-Bomb, or does he? (EDSBS): I first saw this on the Fan House, but there is an interesting discussion going on at EDSBS about whether or not it was Lee Corse who inexplicably drops an F-bomb in a college game day report two or three years back.

Predicting the Mountain West (Block U): Sean predicts the records of every team in the conference, and tells us why he thinks his Utes will play Navy in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Revisiting Notre Dame's Spring Questions (Rakes of Mallow): Rob checks in on Notre Dame camp.

Phil's Weekly Notes ( Very insightful at usual.

Anything on Saturday Sound Offs: Somebody give Eric a medal. He's been relentless in his previews of all 120 FBS teams.


Gary said...

Really Conference USA ?
I would rather stay Indy and take my chances!
I can see where the ACC would devour our team and beat us down badly.
I dont see the Big East doing the same and also dont know how Chet says "we really have nothing in common" with those teams.
Thats more logical than Conf. USA!
It seems to me that we are more worried about going downhill like Army did instead of saying-ok we are ready and can compete in Big East.
Its a tough call I know but if its inevitable then to me the BE makes sense and what happens-happens-they still have 6 Bowl opportunties.

Gary said...

Correction-it was PJ that said nothing in common.
But it relates to the type of athletes and recruiting as opposed to one time rivals as I thought.
Basically-it sounds like we cannot compete in Big East if you get around the wording.

Eric said...

It would be interesting if Navy joined a conference. I would be surprised because of the money factor.

They have their own TV deal and the keep the money that they get instead of sharing revenues with conference members. CSTV is like a mini-NBC in this regard.

But if they can't find a bowl to call home, it could be an issue. Although schools like Hawaii and New Mexico have guarantees that if they get eligible, they'll appear in that particular bowl game. I wouldn't be surprised to see Navy play like a #5 Big East or maybe a #2 C-USA team if they get this bowl game in Maryland done.

Adam said...

If Navy did join a conference (which I still don't think is likely) it would be the MAC. It's really the only conference which could "guarantee" us winning seasons down the road on a consistent basis. I like the idea of playing eastern teams like 'Cuse and Pitt, but I think that Army and Air Force have shown us that conference affiliation can be a disaster. Having to play the same teams every year dramatically reduces our ability to win based on the facts that teams get used to seeing our offense. It happened with Air Force in the MWC and it could happen with us in the Big East. I don't think we could compete in the Big East long-term, and I still have no idea why we'd want to join C-USA.

Gary said...

Adam is 100% right on and thats why I hope we dont get forced into joining a conference.
Lets face it only ND can be its own entity and survive.
But it sounds like more pressure on us to join so we get Bowl games and that is pressure enough.
Lets face it in ACC it would be us battling Duke for the last spot-its that tough.
But I still think we get sold short on Big East(alot of people are against it) as I still think we could be competitive and get a Bowl game there.
I think in the MAC while we would be a top team- what type of respect do they get and what Bowl games?
I dont want to go to Detroit every January.......
This really is a tough call and when Army made it- you see what that did-talk about "Dark Ages".....

Eric said...

You know what, I didn't think of that. If you play the same teams year after year, it could damage your ability to win when you run an offense as basic as the triple option.

Although I do think this is the issue with Air Force and Army. When a service academy abandons the option, it's all downhill from there.

They don't have the kind of athletes to compete with schools running basic offensive sets. Navy has the perfect kind of athletes needed to run the triple option and it gives them a good shot to win week-in and week-out.

I can't understand Stan Brock and Troy Calhoun doing things the way they are.

Gary said...

Guys - ok...
But you make us seem like a "gimmick-one trick pony" team.
If we run the same offense and play same teams- well didnt Texas and Oklahoma and USC- Ohio State those great teams line up the same O formations and plays every year and said-ok here it comes.
While they ran through those same teams year in / year out who knew what was coming?
In the end its always-our guys are better than yours.
Lets face it- Rutgers-Pitt-Wake-ND will be good gages of how good we really are.