Friday, August 31, 2007

Second Half Live Blog

Welcome back to our coverage of Navy-Temple. We'll get rolling just as soon as the action picks up.

9:26- Navy will get the ball first half, that is if Golden doesn't try for the onsides (which he might.)

9:28- Promising drive killed by a Ballard fumble (fighting for extra yards.) All I can say is that our O owns these guys, but we've got to hold onto the ball.

9:30- [comment redacted]

9:32- You want to know the two biggest difference between last year's defense and this year's? A) Coming off of blocks (We don't in 2007.) B) Stripping the football (we don't in 2007). 24-13 Mids.

9:39- Our home slice Eric Kettani gets a carry. I'm sure he enjoys me calling him that.

9:40- Why am I watching mascots fight and not temple's defense getting destroyed? Coverage please ESPNU!

9:41- They are killing us when we run the freeze option. It's just setting up slow.

9:45 Tyree Barnes just made a sick catch that was called back for interference. Dumb call, but we owe them a few I guess.

9:47- The Refs are officially screwing us this quarter.

9:49- All due apologies to our older fans, but if I see another commercial for the "help I've fallen and I can't get up button" I'm gonna scream.

9:53- We're getting killed by the run.

9:55- Oh, so that's why you only rush two. Ketric Buffin with an interception! HOOZAH!

10:01- Id' like to take this time to officially redact my comment about hating football. I was just kidding. I told you this would be an awkward and erratic live blog.

10:08- The option is starting to ware Temple down. The cramp monster is out on the field.

10:10- There have been about two plays run within the last 15 minutes. I've been reduced to throwing a racket ball against my wall.

10:13- Wow, we've just moved back twenty yards in like three seconds.

10:15- Why on God's good earth would you review a play when their is a holding penalty?

10:17- Is Golden trying to ice Harmon? Phelix was right, this guy is weird.

10:23- Wyatt Middleton just straight up trucked a dude. That's the second time tonight Temple has tried to throw try some trickeration on a kickoff.

10:25- Do we have other linebackers besides Irv in this game. All the damn screen passes are driving me crazy.

10:27- Give Golden and DiMichele credit. One's calling a good game and the other is executing it.
10:29- Incidental face masks should die.

10:32- I redact my comment about redacting my comment that I hate football.

10:34- I :heart: special teams.

10:38- Time for a New Mexico.

10:44- This is it. 4th and inches...

10:45- I'm sending Matt Harmon a steak for Christmas.

10: 50- Well, we win, and I have to drive an hour back from D.C. tonight, so I'll have a a review tomorrow.

Oh yea, 100!


phelix said...

lol @ "i hate football."

i know what you mean, man.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think we all can share those feelings. Just too exciting/tense...and irritating at times. lol