Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Morning Linkage

Pat over at the Blue Gray Sky continues his position previews of Notre Dame's opponent's with a look at the running backs. He ranks the Midshipmen as the fourth best group of running backs that Notre Dame will face, behind Michigan, USC, and Georgia Tech. Check out the comment section while your there, as there is some discussion on how Notre Dame and their new DC Corwin Brown will fare against Navy's offense.

Also, Wagner's media day article which I forgot to post (doh!)

Also again, practice has begun and the first two press briefings are out. First day and second day. Interesting to note that sophomore DT Andy Lark has come back into the picture.

Pitt's defense takes another hit as safety Elijah Fields, who was expected to compete for a starting job, was suspended from the team due to a "violation in team policy," whatever that means.

And lastly Eric from Saturday Sound Offs is a little miffed at the label the SEC has as "the fastest" conference in college football, but not as miffed as I am. Here's the comment I left over at his weblog:

I've grown to hate the SEC over this entire issue. Like you said it's one thing to have skill players with "speed" and another to execute your offense or defense with speed and precision. The point is there are teams with both kinds of speed and they are located all around the country.

The other point that's worth mentioning is that speed is not the all encompassing factor which people like Kirk Herbstreet would have you believe. Football still has as much to do with toughness and discipline as it does speed and athleticism.

Speed kills. But so does knocking someone flat on their ass.

Countdown to angry response from SEC country in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


usmc53 said...

This video (which most Navy fans may already have seen):

is a pretty nice illustration of Navy's ability to run against ND. I wish the video covered Navy's next couple of drives, as well, because Navy moved the ball very well again.
On the video, notice Zerb's and the WR's blocking. Impressive.

Adam said...

ND's defense looked like it had never played an option team in the first half of last year's game. They did make some adjustments at halftime, but I really think our O this year will give them fits. Corwin Brown is an NFL guy who was brought in to help shore up the pass defense, and I quesiton his ability to be able to gameplan properly for our offense. They do get two weeks but then again they they got two weeks last year and like the video there are some holes. I think our guys like blocking against 3-4 looks better anyways.

phelix said...

don't underrate speed. it's like 90% of what PJ looks for.

Adam said...

Oh no, definitely not. Speed may be the most important element of our offense. But to suggest that speed is football, like some of these guys at ESPN do, is nonsense. If that was the case we wouldn't even have offensive and defensive lines.