Monday, August 20, 2007

News out of Denton

Here's some interesting news out of the the University of North Texas, as first year Head Coach Todd Dodge seems to have settled on a quarterback. Word is that Dodge has elected to go with Daniel Meager, who started five games last season, in the opener in Norman. Meager beat out true freshmen Giovanni Vizza for the starting job.

I've gone on record several times these past couple months of saying that North Texas was the "worst" team Navy will play in the upcoming season. This is not a vote of no confidence for Coach Dodge or the offense which he's installing, but I just think when you look at the past two seasons in Denton and factor in the obviouse turnover in staff and system, one has to figure this is a rebuilding year for the Mean Green. Several people have pointed out that Rice underwent a similar shift from a run-first offense to a spread, pass-heavy offense and was successful in doing so, and my only rebuttal to such an argument would be to say that such occurrences happen very, very rarely. Dodge will get this program on the right path. He's a solid recruiter with in-state ties to the high school level, and has more than proven himself as an X's and O's guy at Southlake Carroll. The Mean Green will however struggle this season, and will have to play the Midshipmen during the month of November- a time in which Navy has traditionally been very strong under Paul Johnson.

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Shack's Daddy said...

Despite the new coach, I think North Texas is better than Temple. The Mean Green returns 16 starters including 10 on defense. They won 3 games last year while playing 7 of 12 on the road. The Sun Belt is probably a weaker conference than the MAC and Temple did play 8 of 12 on the road, but they were blown out of every game with the exception of Buffalo (1-11) and their lone win, Bowling Green (4-8). I also like the prospects of playing in Philadelphia better than Denton, Texas.