Saturday, August 11, 2007

Navy Media Watch: 8/11

"Big" Media"

Navy's Frazier Boasts Giant-Sized Potential (Washington Times, Corey Massiak)

In A Snap (Baltimore Sun, Sandra McKee)

Off The Yard: Media Day Diary Part One (, David Ausiello)

Coach Johnson Press Transcripts


"We have a bunch of guys that haven't ever been in a game that are going to get their damn head knocked off because they don't have any idea about the intensity of playing."


"I think Irv has a lot of ability and I look for this to be his best year. We need for it to be. He needs to really step up and be a leader for us, because he does have a lot of ability."


"I thought we fought through the heat. There are positive things every day, but until everything is positive I'm going to find the things that aren't and try to make them all positives."


Well, if he [Tyree] can stay healthy we feel like he could be a really good player for us. He's had a hard time staying out on the field. He's worked hard in the off-season rehabbing and doing all that. Hopefully he can stay out there.

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