Friday, August 03, 2007

In Montana

I'm in Montana for the next week, and I don't need papers to travel there (easy naval warfare movie reference, first to get it earns mad props)

Anyways, two things to keep your eye out for this week, outside from watching fall practices.

One, Phil Steele will be addressing my Navy question on his website next thursday sometime after the noonish hour. It's under my name and it'll likely be the only question to have to do with Navy, so finding it shouldn't be too hard. Two, keep your eyes peeled to and their ongoing college football previews. I was asked by the staff there to type up some words about both Army and Navy, and they've let me know their Independent Previews will be launching next week. I will warn you in advance that both highly optimistic, so if you're the kind of person who thinks Navy will go 6-6 this year (nothing wrong with that, by the way) my blind support for the genius which is Paul Johnson may frustrate you.

In the meantime, I'm sure Phelix will have some cool stuff out while I'm away, so be sure to check the Bird Dog.


Gary said...

Hunt for Red October.
Give me 1 ping please.

phelix said...

"I would like to have seen Montana."

Alan said...

Hunt for Red October

Gary said...

There have been some good submarine movies but that in my opinion is the very best.
You can watch it many times and its still exciting.
If I can watch an entire movie with Alec Baldwin and not throw up at his sight?
Then you know its a good one.

Adam said...

I'm partial to Das Boat and the Enemy Bellow, but in terms of cold war movies (of any nature) I think Hunt for Red October takes the cake.

Gary said...

Das Boot was excellent too- man could you feel the claustrophobia in that one!
I just read Scorpion Down and it sounds just like Red October in so many ways.
There is a good book to read.

Corn Nation said...

Uh, Hunt for Red October?

or maybe it was "Only Cowgirls Sing the Blues".