Friday, August 31, 2007

First Half Live Blog

7:30- FUHBALL!!!

7:32- Beth Mowins and Dave Diez-Infante are calling the game. I've seriously never heard of either, although Infante seems to know what he's talking about.

7:35- Looks like a decent sized crowd, although a lot of empty seats in the upper reserve sections. Good to see Staubach and Bellino do the coin toss.

7:40-Navy "D" holds for a three and out, but a booming punt and a Buffin clip are going to start us back in our own end.

7:42- I called the first play, but the pass was batted down at the line.

7:44- On a crucial third and ten Kaipo his Shun White for a big gain down the field. Temple's secondary was in another state.

7:51- TOUCHDOWN NAVY! Ballard and the offense make it look easy.

7:51- Let's see how Temple responds. They had a three and out to start the game and just got walked all over on defense. If the offense can't get anything going here it could be a long night for Golden's ball club.

8:01- That was an interesting series. Temple has some talented players on offense and their O-line seems to be improved from last season, but they keep self-destructing with penalties. Golden was likely going to go for it on 4th and inches until a false start forced him to punt.

8:05- Kaipo is freaking awesome. After hitting reggie for a nice twenty yard completion, he takes a 44 yard run to the house. Greg Sudderth has an good block, and Kaipo shows a little high stepping at the end. Coach Johnson gave him a grin and then hit him on the head.

8:15- Temple is making some offensive progress. As I said before they have the ability to move the football, which coupled with Golden's win-or-die personality give Navy some problems. Temple is doing a good job taking what Navy gives them, which is what you have to do against a Coach Buddy Green defense.

8:25- Temple does get three points off of the aforementioned drive. DiMichele is really impressing me, but had to sit out two plays (one of them was a sack) because of an injury. Navy needs to come out firing here to kill any momentum.

8:33- Johnson goes for it on 4th and 2 and Adam Ballard just gets the first down. Holy Cow that was close. Not sure on the spot, we caught a break there.

8:35- Damn. Turnover. Missed block. Big hit. damn.

8:37- The announcers our huge Temple homers. And our defense is slow. 14-10.

8:42- Alright, no screwing around. Coach Johnson is going to let Shun and Reggie sonic the hedgehog it up. Adam needs to get north-south.

8:47- Adam Ballard is so cool. Touchdown Mids. 21-10. Now let's play some defense, dammit.

8:50- There should honestly be a five-yard late hit variety. Unless your trying to kill someone, these are the dumbest penalties.

8:54- Big Nate is getting some great penetration but has been held a couple of times. I like.

8:53- Adam DiMichele should play for Navy. Kid has some serious athletic ability.

8:58- Shun White explodes peoples' helmets.

9:05- Halftime, baby, halftime. Mids up 24-10.

Some halftime thoughts:

Temple looks better than last year, as expected. Golden's guys (in particular DiMichele) showed a lot of resilience to bounce back after going down 14-0. Temple's offensive line looks head and shoulders above where it was last year, but Navy's offense looks well advanced for the first game and should be able to continue after the half. Aside from the missed blocks that lead to the Zerbin Singleton fumble, the offense has executed for the most part. DiMichele is an ATHLETE, the guy has already eluded what looked like two or three sure sacks and has made some plays in the open field. Navy's defenders need to stay disciplined and take better angles. Temple has had some bad luck this game but I don't think it would make up for the fourteen points Navy leads by. Kaipo is getting some great pass protection and is throwing the ball well for the most part. The new kickoff rule has had absolutely no effect, although hats off to Navy's special teams, which have done a fine job.

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