Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Final Preseason BlogPoll

1Southern Cal--
2West Virginia 1
3LSU 3
4Wisconsin 1
5Michigan 1
6Texas 4
8Penn State 3
9Louisville 1
10Texas A&M 1
11Virginia Tech 1
12UCLA 1
13Oklahoma 1
14Hawaii 1
15California 1
16TCU 1
17Nebraska 4
18Missouri 1
19Oregon 5
20Arkansas 2
21Wake Forest 3
22Ohio State 4
23Boise State 3
24South Florida 1
25Rutgers 1

Dropped Out: Iowa (#25).
This is pretty self-explanatory. I have no idea why I dropped Iowa out, I just did. Let me know if you have any major issues with these positions.


Gary said...

Part of what really bugs me about highly overated (AP)Rutgers is the fact that the NY media lumps Navy in there with Buffalo and Norfolk State as mere tuneups and automatic wins.
How sweet would it be to make our mark early and beat them on national TV in their house?
I still maintain:
1- Rutgers schedule is a total joke that enables them to get a Top Bowl game.

2- They are not that far removed from Navy whipping their butts 51-24 only 3 years ago.
Let them overlook us.

Adam said...

I agree. Saying Navy is on the same level of Buffalo and Norfolk St. is pretty ignorant. I like being a heavy underdog and overlooked though, especially this year. Rutgers strikes me as incredibly overconfident.