Friday, August 17, 2007

Mike Tauliliwhatever is Back

It's not that I take any enjoyment in reading about student athletes who risk their future and endanger society by driving impaired while carrying a concealed weapon, but the return of linebacker Mike Tauiliili to Duke was not exactly wlecomed news to me this morning. I understand the need for the legal system to work itself out, but considering the litany of charges brought against him and Duke's recent history with various offenders, I was more than a little surprised to see that Head Coach Ted Roof will allow Tauiliili to play the season after sitting out the opener. From a purely football perspective, this means Duke will get it's best defensive player back for the season, and presumably against Navy, negating the "major" hit clarification I gave the suspension earlier this week. Anyone else think Ted Roof is just tyring to save face and avoid a Zach Asack collapse-of-the-entire year situation?

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