Friday, August 31, 2007


This is the official game-day open thread/live blogging thread. I'm not planning on making this an over-the-top live blog that's updated every twenty seconds, but I still like the idea of getting thoughts in during commercials and other breaks. If nothing else, the transcripts are usually pretty funny to read afterwards. So, if you have any thoughts, comments, or concerns, this is the place to leave them. I'll check in later this afternoon and leave some notes.

12:35- In case anyone is interested in my week one picks, you can head over to Saturday Sounds Offs and check out the Big Board. So far I'm 2-0, correctly picking Tulsa and Oregon State last night. Tonight I'm projecting Ty and his Huskies to beat Syracuse.

12:46- I still don't have definite plans for where I' watching this game tonight, but I'll figure something out. Right now I have to get my lovely mug shot for ROTC, so I won't be back until 3:30ish.

1:50- Only member of the platoon with a navy shirt on in his picture. Yes, I planned it that way. I just decided not to head up to the game (can't get out early enough), so I'll be watching it on ESPN U.

3:47- We're now inside four hours until game time. If you anxiously waiting without anything to do until kickoff, be sure to check out The fine folks over there have put together a pick 'em pitting Bruce Feldmen against a collection of bloggers and average Joe's. You can check out my picks hyah.

6:25- Well, we're approaching an hour left to go. If your heading up to Philly you should of left three hours ago. If not, well, kick back and relax and enjoy the action.

7:00- We're a half hour away and it's time for the prediction of Navy's first offensive play. For those of you who watched the UConn game last year, let's just say that if the execution is there, expect a similar result. Temple, on the other hand, will run a reverse on the first kickoff they receive. No really, they will.

7:15- Who the hell is Beth Mullins?

The people at ESPN can't say Kaipo's name. How sad is that? I mean it's not like he's some kid they pulled off the jv, he did start six games last season...

7:26- The people at ESPNU obviously have no perspective outside of the SEC.

7:30- We're about to get started, moving over the the 1st Half Thread...


UMass74 said...

Good luck to the Midshipmen! I'll be watching.

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame may find Ga Tech's defense to be a handful.

Diff subj: will PJ start the Temple game tonight with a variation of the start against BC?

Adam said...

I agree about ND, but I tend to laugh in the face of conventional wisdom.

As for your question, I think the answer is no. That formation was used to neutralize a much bigger and athletic D-line, something Temple does not have (well, comparatively speaking, of course.) I'll reveal my prediction for the first offensive play by each team in, oh, about 45 minutes.

Thanks for commenting.