Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Night Media Watch

Official Business:

Paul Johnson's Post Scrimmage Transcript: Johnson tones back some of the excitement over Ricky Dobbs, but gives out some love to Ballard and Kaipo.

Big Media:

Lagging Defense Concerns Midshipmen (Bill Wagner, Annapolis Capital)

BBQ, An Early Navy Kickoff And A Sneak Peak At QB (Corey Masisak, Washington Times)

Mids Defense Experiences Ups And Downs (Corey Masisak, Washington Times)

Navy Defense Shows Signs Of Stinginess (Christian Swezey, Washington Post)

Prior Enlisted Men Add Something To The Team (Bill Wagner, Annapolis Capital)

Cliff Notes:

Jeff Deliz and Rashawn King should both be back within the next week...Paul Johnson was on "Washington Post Live" on Friday night, and I caught the tail end of it. Lots of good things said about him and the program, including the affirmation that the Fridge and Maryland wanted no part of Navy last year...Bill Wagner brings us the unfortunate news that former Navy wide receiver Jason Tomlinson chose not to graduate with the class of 2007, and is now in limbo. He could be made to pay back the full cost of tuition, or he could be forced to serve as an enlisted man in the fleet...Former QB Joe Taylor (not Joey) has been moved to outside linebacker.

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