Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Checking In

Just checking in from Whitefish, Montana, with a few odds and ends. Regular posting to resume to Saturday.

First order of business. Congratulations to slotback Greg Shinego, who according to our latest poll is the fans' choice to be the offensive surprise player of the year. Our next poll asks who will be Navy's surprise defensive player of the year. Anyone without starting experience is fair game, so be sure to get your votes in.

It seems that while I've been away the talk has resumed on an apparent Navy-Maryland series and subsequently died down again. This article from the Capital sums it all up pretty well. I'll have further thoughts when I get back.

Lastly, two article from the Examiner, including one on Navy's senior class and one of the slotbacks and fullbacks.


Dan said...

That article didn't even mention a single Slot ("A") Back ---> Just discussed the two Fullbacks.

Gary said...

Looks like our man Phil Steele responded to your question.
A very favorable response-worth the wait I would say.