Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Night Media Coverage

Quote of the Day

"Some guys did great things and some didn't do so well. I was one who didn't do so well. We've got to get better by next week. Rutgers is 100 times better than the team we played tonight."

-Navy MLB Clint Sovie

Newspaper Clippings

Ballard Leads Navy past Temple (Dan Gelston, AP)

Navy Holds off Temple for Johnson's 100th (Sandra McKee, Baltimore Sun)

For openers, Mids down Temple (Bill Wagner, Annapolis Capital)

Navy Opens With Sloppy Victory (Patrick Stevens, Washington Times)

If You Want a Good Laugh

Pregame Live Blog

First Half Live Blog

Second Half Live Blog


Gary said...

Clint sure is right as I thought Roger Staubach was out there at QB for Temple way too many times.
We need better tacking and harder hitting (I dont recall seeing too many hard loud crowd gasping hits on our part).
We need Ballard to break free a few times and be "the" force he was not against Temple.
We need Kaipo to tighten up his pitches and pass more than 7 times and to complete some passes if we are to have any chance against Rutgers.
For starters the crowd will be intimidating enough but holding Rice so he can break the record in their first series will only further inspire the crowd and team (what a smart move).
We had better be ready to play Navy football- mid/ late season style- the warm up is over.

Adam said...

I agree. Tackling is an issue. The only person I saw tackle with consistancy was Irv, who is a stud.