Monday, September 17, 2007

You're Gonna Hate Me For This, but...

It's ok, I've heard all the arguments, and I'm well aware of how TCU lost the game. But this is still my ballot for week three, so take it as it is. I'm up for debate on these positions, but I'd rather not be crucified for putting the Zoomies 25th.

2Southern Cal--
4Florida 1
5Texas 4
6West Virginia 2
7Boston College 4
8Ohio State 7
9California 1
10Texas A&M 8
11Kentucky 15
12Penn State 6
13Wisconsin 4
14Rutgers 2
15Oregon 4
16South Carolina 4
17South Florida 1
18Alabama 8
19Louisville 9
20Clemson 2
21Nebraska 8
22Hawaii 4
23Cincinnati 1
24Purdue 2
25Air Force 1

Dropped Out: UCLA (#7), Georgia Tech (#14), Arizona State (#21), Kansas (#23), Brigham Young (#25).


phelix said...

so you honestly think that air force is better than each of those teams you dropped out?

Adam said...

I vote on a weekly basis. Air Force is 3-0 right now. That's a better record than anyone in the MWC. If they lose to BYU, they won't be in there next week. We're still only three weeks into the season, hell if I have an accurate idea on who exactly is better than everyone else.

phelix said...

if you don't have an idea, then what's the point of ranking anyone?

Adam said...

I don't know. Aren’t most Navy fans harping about how rankings don't mean anything anyway? I do this for fun, and I don't think I'm committing any great travesty by voting Air Force 25th in a meaningless blogpoll. As for why I voted them in, I like to include a MWC team in the poll, and since they are at the top of the standings in the conference right now, it just made sense. You may think it’s a dumb reason, but it’s a reason. I don't like the zoomies, but I don't share the same earth shattering hatred as others.

phelix said...

i don't deny my opinion of the school, but i don't set aside my objectivity because of it. i just can't see them as one of the top 25 teams in the country.

jeremy said...

Air Force might not be there for long, but any team from the MWC who wins the conference is a top 25 team.

Gary said...

Anyone with worries about AF may not need to anymore after the BYU game.
But if they pull upset-there should be no more doubts.
By the way I am a Navy fan and contrary to popular opinions- I do care about rankings.
BTW so does Clint Sovie.