Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Coach Speak

I've got a little bit of break in my day here so I'll pass along some tidbits I've seen around the Internet.

To start off, check out Coach Schiano's press conference. Once you get passed some of the opening questions you can watch Schiano "enlighten" some of the local reporters on just how good he thinks Navy is. Now whether he actually thinks that or is just busting out the usual "coach speak" I don't know, but I've got to think OJ Washington is grinning after hearing Schaino call him a "big play guy." Reggie Campbell receives some props, as does the O-line and Nate Frazier, who is called a "dominant player."

After your done watching that clip (it's about 17 minutes) head over to and check out Paul Johnson's latest presser. Aside from the usual "we'll see" and "we better be ready" type quotes, he spends a significant time addressing Appalachian State's upset of Michigan and the performance of FCS (I-AA) teams against FBS (I-A) in general.

I think at the very top, at the elite I-A schools, there is a pretty good gap. I think the Top 10-15 I-AA schools would be comparable to the mid-level I-A schools. Not if they had to play those teams every week, because then depth would come into play because of the scholarship limitations, but on a given day they are comparable. I mean Appalachian State has beaten Wake Forest several times.

When you've finished reading that, take some time to peruse some of the newspaper articles coming out of both camps. First, check out Christian Swezey's article on Navy kicker Matt Harmon. Christian also reminds us that Navy cornerback Greg Thrasher will be eligible to play Friday after serving a suspension for breaking an unspecified team rule last week. Next, head over to the Capital and take a look at Bill Wagner's latest on how Navy will try to contain Rutgers' offense. Lastly, there is a good article by Kieth Sargeant of the Courier News on the outlook of both coaches towards this game.

As an unrelated update, I've decided to NOT do a live blog for Friday night's game. In fact, I'm not even going to watch it live. In an apparent move hypocrisy, I'm going to head over to my alma mater and watch Mount Saint Joseph (MD) take on Archbishop Spalding (MD.) I'll still have the full compliment of reviews, but depending on how the game goes we may be pushing a day behind in the analysis.


Gary said...

Excuse me to all the Kaipo fans out there but Schiano makes it sound as if he is facing "Air Coryell" when he only attempted 7 passes-completed 3.
Come on this takes "coach speak" to a new high (low?).
I had to chuckle as I read it all.

Gary said...

I was driving to work this AM at 6 and heard Boomer Esiason and Chris Carlin (Rutgers announcer) discussing the game and Boomer was very positive about the team and that we are no "push over" as the rest of the world sees us (in NY/NJ at least)and hopes "Navy wine by 40 points".
It was the most positive air play I have ever heard about Navy!
From Boomers mouth to Gods ear.