Monday, September 03, 2007

Rutgers Favored by 15

We will discuss this more later this week (Wednesday probably) but the early line out of Vegas puts Rutgers as a fifteen point favorite over the Midshipmen. Sounds fair enough, considering how both teams performed last week. As far as who you want to bet on, well, you're asking the wrong dude.


Also, if anyone has video or photo of the pregame ceremonies from the Temple-Navy game (or knows where to fine them) please email me (guyontheright - at- Thanks!


Gary said...

I think the initial; spread was 13 1/2 so ita rising and I would not be surprised to see it hit 17-20 by Friday.
We have another big problem and that is the weather will be hot and humid and I dont feel good for our D line and backers trying to move in that stuff all day long against the mammoth lineman they have.
I think it will lead to an extreme case of "wear down" of our defense.

Adam said...

Yes, we definetly cannot let our defense stay on the field all night.