Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Hey everyone, I'm giving Eric a hand today over at Saturday Sound Offs, so you an head over their to catch my post entitled "In Case You Missed It" detailing my thoughts on the first weekend of the college football season. As far as where we're going this week, we'll have one more segment on Temple (position ratings) sometime tonight/tomorrow before we hit the ground running with our Rutgers preview and thoughts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I'm debating on whether or not to do a live blog for the game on Friday night, so if you have an feedback (positive or negative) on last week's live blog it's the time to speak now or forever hold you peace.

Also, I went 5-1 in my first week of picks over at Inthebleachers.net, tying my for first with ESPN.com's Bruce Feldman, Mountain Lair's John Radcliff, and John Gindin of Football Frontier. It's a race, not a sprint.

Also, here's my rough draft of my week two ballot. Let me know what you think...

1Southern Cal--
2LSU 1
3West Virginia 1
5Louisville 4
6Florida 1
7California 8
8Hawaii 6
9Oklahoma 4
10Texas A&M--
11TCU 5
12Virginia Tech 1
13Boston College 13
14Clemson 12
15Nebraska 2
16Georgia 10
17Georgia Tech 9
18Michigan 13
19Ohio State 3
20Penn State 12
21Arizona State 5
22UCLA 10
23Rutgers 2
24Texas 18
25Brigham Young 1

Dropped Out: Missouri (#18), Oregon (#19), Arkansas (#20), Wake Forest (#21), Boise State (#23), South Florida (#24).


Brian said...

Penn State is a lot better than the #20 you have them at. With the way that Michigan and Wisconsin played (watched them all), I think Penn State has to be considered the front runner in the Big Ten.

Adam said...

Good call. It's hard to fit all these teams in so I'll make some changes tonight.

Gary said...

From CBS Sports---
I see that South Fla gets coaches votes for beating Eyore State(?) and that Rutgers SOS is one of the highest and ranks with Wisconsin....
May I ask WTF are they seeing with Rutgers schedule?
They had a cake walk last year and this year its even more a cakewalk!
What I am getting at is what will it take for Navy to get true respect?
If we beat Rutgers we still wont break Top 25 and the way the votes are we will have to be 7-0 after Wake and maybe-maybe we can get some coaches votes.
Navy has always suffered from a lack of poll respect for some reason (yes the schedule is not tops-but its as good as Rutgers!).
It just sucks when you start watching the polls and like Clint Sovie says-I want Top 25!
Thats the goal.

Gary said...

BTW- Go Penn State too!
I always maintain that Eastern perception of their days over here and root for them always in the Big Ten.

Also from someone who knows his Big 10- where do you think Rutgers would fit in there and how would they do?
Thats another of the Rutgers myths that are running rampant and I personally think they would get swamped and be running with Northwestern as far as their success in that conference.