Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Notes

Today's In Case You Missed it Column can be found at Saturday Sound Offs.

Also of note, I'm currently tied for first in the Inthebleachers.net Pick 'Em. I of course will be pulling away from ESPN.com's Bruce Feldmen and the rest of the pack very shortly.

Also again, I'm currently in fifth place out of thirty teams in the HP Fantasy Challenge.

For those of you wondering why I can't stand the Rutgers program and dislike the University as a whole, read this. I don't care if everyone does it, college students in this country by in large need to to stop acting like assholes every chance they get. For the record, I dislike most universities, but that's just the against the grain college student in me.

And, of course, the elusive presser. Maybe more on this later.

Tomorrow we're talking Ball State, so be here.


Anonymous said...

it's really a shame at what has happened to Rutgers fan base. It used to be a nice game with two teams who had fought hard to get off their backs and become competitive again. Now you've got a d-bag coach running up the score and pathetic fans. I mean, I know it should be expected from the NY/NJ area, but it's still shocking to read in print.

Gary said...

After only 2 years of success in their 138 years of existence they have gone from empty seats to a Yankee Stadium bleacher creature attitude and mentality!
You dont have to cheer for Navy but that type of abuse should be consideration for Navy to drop the game like they did Maryland for "moral reasons".
Again in this area-what else could be expected and it will only get worse.
Thats until they start losing again and the waiting list becomes a wanting list.

Anonymous said...

Sadly the coaches and fans get so caught up in BCS points and politicing for a Heisman candidate that they lose all perspective. The reality is margin of victory will mean nothing for Rutgers if they aren't undefeated so why be tempted to sell out on your character. Rutgers isn't a BCS team so they look even worse attempting to think they are in the race. Dump them and move on.