Friday, September 28, 2007

Game Time

Well, I guess I lied.

I had planned to get a scouting preview in and maybe some other posts, but my week just caught up to me. Oh well, we all know what's at stake here anyway, so I don't need to say anything more anyway.

Hopefully the game will go well, if for no other reason than I'm getting a little tired of dealing with the constant comments about the quarterback situation. Let's put our biases aside and just hope that Kaipo burns the Air Force defense, can we?



Gary said...

While a QB debate is a healthy situation-yet aggravating to whatever side a fan is on- we all agree that we are in the end on 1 side.

football dad dan said...

Say Adam,
How could you not expect some sort of "healthy" QB controversy given the circumstances that occurred on the gridiron the past three weeks of play??? ---> Being a "Fan" doesn't mean 100% "positive" comments 24/7. If Navy was 4-0 @ this juncture & the Hawaiian kid hadn't thrown a handful of INTs (nor seemingly "run out of gas" in the 2nd half of the past two games), then there wouldn't be any criticism, ... but that ain't the case. Look @ da Chi-town Bears & Grossman.
Time to stop looking through those rose-colored (or better yet, B&G) tinted glasses my friend. (o;

Gary said...

Hey whats up with this?
I see that there is a google ad that advertises
UNIVERSITY OF NAVY football tickets?
Where the hell do they play?
It reminds me of Lou Holtz who once called it NAVY COLLEGE and those nimwits in the media (especially in NY) that refer to the Mids as "Cadets".
Just stupid thoughts as I ramble through the day in anticipation for todays win.