Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beating a Dead Horse, but so What

Yes, by now I'm sure you're aware. For those of you who are not, well, welcome back from the moon. It's only been a few days since Mark Dilonno wrote his column about the behavior of the Rutgers student section during Friday night's game, and only a day after Rutgers President Richard McCormick wrote an open letter of apology to VADM Fowler about the incident, which featured Rutgers students (many of them presumably intoxicated) dropping f-bombs at Reggie Campbell and other Navy players.

Hyperbole, kinda.

Needless to say, I was very much upset to learn of this behavior. I don't have much sympathy for people who are intoxicated, much less college students who are intoxicated. Being drunk is not an excuse. Let me say that again. Being drunk is not an excuse. If you're one of those people who thinks everyone does it and that's just part of college and to a lesser extent college football, well I've got news for you. Everyone doesn't do, and I'm living proof of that. Furthermore, it does not matter if the opponent was the United States Naval Academy or Whatever State, that kind of behavior and vulgarity does not have a place in major college football games, which are frequented by young children among others.

I am bias, I realize. For those of you who don't know, my father took me to Navy football games since before I can remember. Amazingly, he took me to Navy and other small time college football games exclusively until I was eleven or twelve, for the precise reason that he did not want me exposed to the excessive profanity and disgusting behavior we often associate with the NFL. If you want to be loud and obnoxious, go ahead, I won't stop you. My friends know that I myself have done my fair share of heckling at baseball games (hey ump, did you see that? the third base coach winked at me. he winked at me!) but I know where the line is. Obviously this line changes with each environment, but it should never involve throwing out f-bombs, and should never account for insulting the men and women in uniform and the men and women who will soon be wearing the uniform. If you can't grasp that concept, just imagine yourself telling your hard earned tax dollars "f-you."

Another thing that really makes me upset is who this chant was directed at. What the hell did Reggie Campbell ever do to deserve that? He's one of the most humble and sincere guys you will ever meet in your life. It's one thing to get rowdy at a player who throws out bulletin board material or whatnot, but to pick on a competitor like Reggie (who oh by the way will be a commissioned officer this time next year) is uncalled for and asinine.

Lastly, this is doing a great disservice to all the Rutgers fans who stuck with this team throughout the dark years of the program's history, and disgraces the university, it's football program, and the administration of the school. There is a reason Fox News and other media outlets picked this story up, and it ain't because they care about the Heisman campaign of Ray Rice (classy guy btw) or the race for first in the Big East. Like it or not if your a Rutgers fan, but I have a feeling more than a few fans from opposing teams are going to bring this up as the season goes on.

I may be hammering a dead horse, but so what. It was about time I actually spoke my mind on this blog. Back to Ball State tommarow.


Gary said...

As a fan I do not expect opposing fans to cheer for Navy when the game is on.
I do expect at least polite applause when they run out of the tunnel waving our flag.
Its ridiculous to not expect to hear some boos and angry "fan" words during the game-I dont get offended if someone says- we stink.
You need a thick skin to know that its not personal.
But Rutgers fans went over the line in personal and moral insults.
That said I am still disgusted at the behavior that Rutgers fans displayed-it sounded as if I was at a Yankee-Mets game-hateful-vile-vulger-venom.
It was not that way 4 years ago when Rutgers was up and coming.
Now that they are up- they should be winning with class-but thats not happening.
I live here and can say its a NY/NJ fan thing and they have morphed into Yankee/Ranger fans.
Lets accept the apology and move on - we have more important things to worry about.
Its over......
We can pay Rutgers back next year- but keep the game alive and just hope next time they can behave and control themselves.

Justin said...

I am amazed at how some of these Big East schools act. They walk around like their crap doesn't stink. Last year, I was watching West Virginia and students in the student's section had shirts on that read "West F---'n Virginia". Louisville players and fans created some problems with Wake Forest fans at the Orange Bowl. Not many people know this, but a female trainer for WF had a Beverage thrown on her after the game last year. I am so sick of how the lacks of Louisville, West Virginia, and now Rutgers have conducted themselves. These guys haven't necessarily done anything. West Virginia has had some success and I do like their HC. The fans you cannot control, necessarily. But, I think the NCAA needs to crack down on player and fan conduct. College football is a Family atmosphere. If you want that other crap, go watch the XFL Archives or WWE.

Anonymous said...

I continue to be very proud of my son. I only wanted him to see decent football in an environment that respected the game.

The actions here at Rutgers are beyond comment.