Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wake 44, Navy 24

There really isn't a lot to say. We knew this was going to happen eventually. With a defense among the worst in major college football there becomes just so little room for error on the part of the offense, and despite the ability of Navy to stay in "shoot-outs" it was only a matter of time until the inevitable slip-up occurred. That slip-up came on a second and eight with just over six minutes to play in the second quarter, when Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry came unaccounted for into the backfield on a freeze option play and absolutely leveled Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada, who did not return to the game after the hit.

Navy's offense never recovered, and after trading blows with Wake up to that point the wheels came off as the Midshipmen, led by backup quarterback Jarod Byrant, fumbled away the ball three times. Those three turnovers led to 17 Wake Forest points, and with the defense forcing Wake to punt only once in the game, there was no way the Midshipmen could recover.

This was a game which really started out with so much progress, and when Navy took a 17-14 lead in the second quarter I have to say I generally started believing that Navy could pull this one out. But in the end Wake's obvious personnel advantage in speed and athleticism won out, as Josh Adams and Kenny Moore accounted for more than 77% of Wake's offensive production. Wake's aggresive defense forced the issue for Navy, while a talented and deisciplined secondary took away the big pass play of the option. At 4-3, the roller coaster continues, and like it or not, there is still is very little room for error when the Midshipmen host 13th ranked (FCS) Delaware next weekend in Annapolis.


Gary said...

JB never stood a chance with the way the team around him fumbled or how badly the line was outplayed.
It actually still looked good on the first drive of the 2nd half until Kettani fumbled it all away.
We got royally screwed when a fumble call resulted in 7 crucial before half points-where it looked like JB had his arm in throwing motion.
We got screwed on that call and NMC was as non upset at that call than any other stadium would be..." oh look at that muffy- we just gave the opposing team a touchddown....yawnnnnnnnnn "lets get back to our conversation about how chicken is never used in Italian food in Italy- it is a cheap meat "(I kid you not-that was what people behind us were talking about- not the bad call!.
The worst was a non call on an obvious pass interference early in the 2nd qtr that was not called.
Regardless if we dont funmle the balls-this game could have still been different.
We are dead against ND because they will look like world beaters against that D.
We are in enough trouble against Delaware.
All this while AIR FORCE propels itself tightly into the Top 25 when this weeks polling is over.
You can keep the CIC if Air Force ends up Top 20 and that is on the way to happening.
I would say that AF will have the last laugh as we get the trophy (maybe-Army is a strong chnace to beat us)and they land in a good Bowl game and the Top 20.

kyle said...

Don't worry about ND, Navy fans. Wake is 10 times the team they are and you have the best chance in a while to finally break that streak and get your season back.

Notre Dame's D = won't be able to stop the triple option if you can keep pounding it at them (make sure your FB gets a lot of carries and pounds that middle).

Notre Dame's O = Have you been watching the same ND I have? ND couldn't beat most teams and have one of the most impotent offenses in CFB this year. Just play aggresive and make sure that option is eating up clock time and scoring points and there will be no problem

I like Navy's game. I guess that's because I'm a Husker fan that likes seeing a team run the option and be successful at it. Here's hoping your season goes better than ours.

Adam said...

Notre Dame's "D" may suck, but look at who they've played. Their "O" is going to have a field day against us.

Anonymous said...

Gary -
There are so many issues with your post - but the most egregious one DEMANDS a response.
"You can keep the CIC if Air Force ends up Top 20" WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
CiC is our #1 goal. Period. That's it.

If AF runs the table after we've beaten them that's in fact even better - when the rare supercilious AF fan asks "What ranked team did Navy beat?" the obvious answer "You, Zoomie." will be that much more satisfying.

Meanwhile, your facts are wrong - AF not really that close to #25, with quite a ways to go.

As far as a "good bowl game" for USAFA, they need help from rest of the MWC to get to their conference's BEST bowl game (need 2 BYU losses - both TCU and Utah must visit BYU and otherwise they've got the bottom feeders). #2 MWC bowl is Poinsettia, and AF will be shut out of that one. It's most likely Ft Worth or New Mexico for AF, while Navy is in San Diego and the trophy is in Bancroft Hall. Nothing to lament about AF doing well.

Justin said...

Crap guys, I guess we should just pack it up and get ready for spring the way you guys are talking. ADVERSITY BUILDS CHARACTER!!! No offense, but I am starting to question the loyalty that we have for Navy. I am not trying to call anyone out, but that is life. Bottom line is the coaching staff at Navy is nearly second to none. They get more out their players than any other college team. Anytime you are starting mostly underclassmen at a service academy, there is going to be growing pains. Yes, our defense probably couldn't stop tree sap from a pine tree, but (STUFF) happens, you just gotta roll with it. I am not losing faith. Some of the best lessons in your life and in your career come from getting your A** whipped. I ain't losing faith!!! GO NAVY!!!

Phil said...

Gary: First, it was a fumble. The ball was coming out of JB's hands prior to his arm going forward. Second, what is PJ thinking throwing the ball? He's got a cold QB and 3rd and long deep in his own territory. I would have run the ball, that sweep play was gaining good yards and taken my chances on getting the 1st down or punting and going into the half down one possession, at worst. Third, you and everyone else that boo'd the supposed pass interference penalty needs to learn the rule differences between college and pro. Face-guarding is legal in the college game as long as the defender doesn't make contact and by everything I saw live and on the big screen, he didn't until the ball was there. The fact was OJ Washington was wide-open, twice, on that series (including that play) and JB never threw to him. Bad reads cost them that drive. Finally, you can't be -3 in turnovers and expect to win against even competition, much less, superior. They played well, I thought the defense did enough to give the offense a chance to win (which is all that should be expected at this point with this personnel) and the offense couldn't deliver.

Adam said...

Right on. My point is that just because Notre Dame is statistically very weak offensively doesn't mean Navy should win the game. Look at who they've played and look at who we've played and let's put this game in perspective. First though, let's worry about Delaware.

Phil and Gary,
I thought it was a fumble, and certainly didn't see enough to reverse the call on the field. I'm aware of the face guarding rule, but thought the defender interfered regardless. I should prolly have another look at that play, but it's kind of a mute point now. Outside of some dropped passes, a missed field goal, and one punt I don’t know how you could say the defense kept the offense “in the game.”

Also, a question to anyone who knows the option especially well. On the option play Kaipo was knocked out on, was that supposed to be a read of Curry, or was someone supposed to block him? Or, as I suspect, did he just come on a blitz and wasn’t accounted for?

football dad dan said...

Gary, ... Hate to "pile on" here .... but I have to totally agree w/ earlier posts by Anonymous & Phil ---> Navy's #1 goal is, and should be, the CIC trophy (which is true for the other two service academies as well I'm sure). Navy has been to 4 straight bowl games, and counting (AFA sure in hell hasn't), ... and if my memory serves me correctly, Navy soundly beat the MWC reps in our bowl games in 2005 & 2004 ...So AF got nothing on us!
JB clearly fumbled that ball --> It was obvious to me from section 107 during live action, ... and it was he that lost 2 of the 3 fumbles Navy coughed up during the game (Curious on your opening sentence blaming the "team"???). I would hope that the typical knowlegable Navy fan is not boorish/classless enough to voriferously boo the Refs "just because" every time a call goes against the Big Blue. Other than that one long run JB had opening the 3rd quarter, ... he unfortunately did not have a good game. Missed a few reads on the triple option badly, ... and held on to the ball much too long/threw into coverage during the pass plays. He looked a bit "tentative" even during the QB draws to be honest. No doubt the solid/athletic play of the WF defense contributed significantly.
Not too much else to say about the Navy Dee ---> No way to stay competative in this contest when we fumble the ball away 3 times + get stopped twice on 4th down plays, ... and effectivel make no stops ourselves. Plus, ... what in the heck were we thinking kicking off "straight away" to their return guy ---> Didn't the Navy coaches watch that WF-FSU game Thursday night??? )o:
One positive sign was that we did force WF into 14/15 third down situations (many of which were not "short yardage"), ... but zero pass rush, and continued poor tackling, allowed them to convert over 10 of them for first downs. We will be in the same boat (ie... dilemma) vs Notre Dame ... even with their horrendous season. )o:

Adam, ... From a very good source, ... on the counter option play that Kaipo-Noa got hurt on, the WF player that blitzed in & made the tackle was the guy that Kaipo had to make the quick read on. It's designed to be a "quick read" by the QB, ... but in this case Kaipo-Noa was a tad slow in making the "turn", ... and give credit to the WF guy for immediately blitzing hard into the play (vice "reading" how the play was developing) ---> Demon Deacons a well coached team that prepared for this game ---> Helps that the coach came from AF where they are familiar with the option offense.
Gotta right the ship & get ready for the Fight'n Blue Hens ---> They are a very good team. The defense is what it is, ... but Navy has got to work on their special team play ---> 28 yard punts are absolutely UNSAT ... and I rather KO out of bounds then give up multiple 45-80 yard returns every game.

Phil said...

I think someone was supposed to have blocked him. It was a "reverse option" where the slot motions to one side of the formation, the fullback dive is to that side, and then the opposite slot and QB come back to the other side (at least that's the way it's drawn up on my EA NCAA 08 game). Usually the end tackle or slot motion receiver, I believe is responsible for the edge on that.

Gary said...

I can see where I was out of whack on some things...due to frustration.
On the positive side Wake is a class act and their fans too and you have to root for that team to fend off all the other ACC teams and win that Conference.
They showed total respect and discipline and just did their business.
When they tried to just run out the last 5 minutes with running plays and realized they were still shredding our defense-they decided it was knee time.
Especially you root for them against the likes of the typical thugs from Fla. State and Clemson etc.....
Good Luck to Wake Forest!

football dad dan said...

You are right, ... the play was a "reverse option", ... and I meant to call it that, ... but brain had a "hiccup" late last night when I penned that entry. Your explanation sounds right, ... but one of the players did tell me after the game that the WF LB who made the tackle wasn't supposed to be blocked on that play ---> I had asked if someone missed a block.
Hopefully the Hawaiian Kid will be back to 100% by Saturday, ... so Navy will have all their weapons available.

Gary said...

To Dad
No penalties here for piling on- you guys are right and I lost focus on where I/we are.
Sometimes I do that.
On the fumble- I still felt his arm was going forward and have seen alot worse not result in fumble.

I think JB had a bad game overall as his passes were horrible and the early pull out fumble- he seemed a bit jittery.
Those passes did make me long for Kaipos spirals and I wondered what happened and can only think he was squeezing the ball too tight.
But I also say that I am hoping Kaipo is ready for Delware and that D better be able to handle that team!