Thursday, October 04, 2007

On to Pitt

Welcome to Pitt week. That may sound a little weird for me to say on a Thursday afternoon, but unless you've been out in the field for the past year you know that Navy plays the struggling Panthers next Wednesday night on ESPN.

To get us ready for this game, I've asked Charles Rich of Pitt Blather and the Fan House to break down the matchup and help us get a handle on where the 2-3 Panthers stand. As many of you know, Pitt has struggled the past three weeks, and suffered a litany of injuries which have left the first team ranks devastated. Nevertheless, as I'm sure I don't need to tell any of you, the Panthers remain a talented football team which will have no shortage of incentive for beating Navy next week.

Anyways, be on the lookout for the Blogger Q&A we've got planned, and as usual I'll comment on any outstanding news or information that pops up between now and next Wednesday.


phelix said...

Looking forward to the Pitt side of things.

You should have mail today, BTW.

Adam said...

Got it. Thanks again!

Gary said...

No matter what Pitts situation is - we could get slaughtered and put to shame on the national stage.
Its more about us performing at 105% with no errors and no timid Kaipo act.
The D will really have to put out too for them it will take 120%!
We have to find some way to pressure.
Maybe we should just play a 2 man line?
It looks like we wont get any pressure against the 300 lb mountains.
So we may as well limit the damage since everyone completes 90% against us (BTW even Army will too).

Football Dad Dan said...

The "flawed" part about the "two man line" defensive strategy is that PITT has a pretty formidable rushing attack (To go along w/ a strong Defense). ---> Their passing game isn't that impressive, ... but then again I'm sure the QB coach is "chomping @ the bit" and giving the O-Coordinator an earful on prospective passing plays to run against Navy.
Sure can use a coulple of 14+ minute drives by the "O" (ala the Emerauld Bowl 4th quarter vs New Mexico in 2004) to dictate the flow of the game.

Gary said...

I hear that-
But now seeing how desperate the Panthers and Wannsteadt are for a victory (any victory and seeing us come into their - well the Steelers house) makes me wonder if we are walking into a "thugs" hornets nest?

football dad dan said...

Believe you me ... Dave Wannstadt ranks right up there w/ the Rutgers head coach in the "Classless" department. I saw it first hand when I was stationed down in SOUTHCOM (in Miami) & he was the coach of the NFL Dolphins.
If there is any way PITT can attempt to "intimidate", & then "run it up" on Navy, ... rest assured they will. Navy can shut them up by consisently executing our offense ... and hopefully not suffering any serious injuries.

Beat PITT!!! ---> It's not out of the realm of possibility.