Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So You Think You've Got Talent, Eh?

Just in case the team needed a little more incentive this week:

"Athletically, I think we're just as good as Navy, if not better," (Blue Hen) junior wide receiver Aaron Love said. "We shouldn't have any problem winning this game."
Thanks to an anonymous comment for pointing this out!


Justin said...

As a coach myself, it really pisses me off that Delaware's coach would let a player sound off like this. Is it just me or does PJ make it loud and clear that NAVY will have to play perfect to beat anyone. You think I am worried as to whether or not Delaware is more athletic than NAVY is. When NAVY plays it is all about the EXECUTION. If Delaware thinks they are going to come into this game and beat NAVY by Athleticism, they will probably be a little disappointed on the way back to Delaware Saturday night.

Gary said...

I found this to be extremely insulting coming from a AA opponent!
I just hope the D also feels that sting and can lay some hammers out there and shut that loud mouth up.
It may have given the team some incentive whereas they may have been trapped by a tough time getting motivated to beat Delaware.
Lets hope so as we do not want to go into ND with a loss this week.

phelix said...

it would be insulting coming from any opponent.

Anonymous said...

As a coach, I know that coaches can't always control what their players say. However, it is insulting to hear this from a receiver who is 5'9" and 160 lbs. I'm sure he is no DeSean jackson or Ted Ginn. I hope that we change things up a little defensively. We have to put more pressure on the quarterback and we are getting killed on the the field side on runs. This is no secret. Every team that plays us exploits this weakness. I am tired of watching us do the same schemes and expecting different results.