Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ketric Buffin Has a Bum Arm

By now you've probably heard, but since I haven't mentioned it yet I may as well. Ketric Buffin, Navy's starting rover and maybe the defenses' best player, went down with a broken arm early in the game against Pittsburgh last Wednesday night. Buffin had been one of the few bright spots for Navy's much maligned defense, and had to date compiled 26 tackles and a team high four interceptions. The timetable for Buffin has unofficially been put at 4-6 weeks, which means that in a best case scenario he'd be back for North texas on November 10th. This injury hurts, but it hurts in a more darkly comedic manner when you consider that Buffin had been the one calling the defensive plays after Clint Sovie went down for the year against Rutgers. With Ketric going down, Navy's already struggling defense is going to have to have to find someone to call the plays against Wake Forest, which is easier said then done when we consider the chaos that ensued after Deliz and Sovie went down.

Jesse Iwuji is currently listed as first on the depth chart at rover, although the pre-practice week depth chart in a situation like this means about as much as any "moral" victory Navy pulled out against Ball State several weeks ago. Junior Kevin Snyder took most of the snaps against Pittsburgh, and all things considered play o.k. Obviously Coach Green will be watching these two players closely this week, but my best guess at this point is that they'll both see time against Wake Forest next Saturday. Not a good sign going into the next month, but this team didn't come this far to let another injury stand in the way.

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Gary said...

Has any team suffered as many key injuries than us?

BTW- NICE job by the AP polls (I was sick looking at it) when Air orce(!!) ranking # 38 with 4 coaches votes!!
On top of that Troy? UConn? and naturally they always try to keep the "famous" high profiles like Michigan, and Fla State alive so they can get into Top 25 for their Bowl games.
Its pathetic that we are not even getting votes- I mean AFA? Troy?
I have been told many times here and other Navy blogs- "stopwith the AP envy thing" I see why. We never get AP respect and when you see the likes of who got votes and not us- we could run the table and still not get in there.