Monday, October 29, 2007

The Time Has Come

Well, it's here. No sense mulling about an inexplicable loss to a I-AA team when we're only days away from taking on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I'm spending the day handling numerous requests for Q&A's in the lead up the game, but I invite everyone (Notre Dame and Navy fans alike) to take a look at the now Infamous Window of Opportunity post I made nearly a year and a half ago. Here's an excert:

Notre Dame, [a 2006 BCS Bowl] contender, could be severely weakened in 2007 if the incoming Freshmen classes of this and next year do not pan out positively. Their are serious questions about the ability of the Irish to put together a good Defensive and Offensive Line, and the graduation of the current All Americans could leave the Irish open for an upset. However, the Irish are building what may become the best talent pool in the nation, and the opportunity to beat the Irish may only come in the developmental stage of that talent. Navy, on the other hand, is steadily improving but still yearning to prove it can play with College Football elite. Perhaps after this year, we will know where this team really stands, and can venture a more perfect guess at 2007, which may be the last window of opportunity this team gets at taking down Notre Dame in a long time.

Prophesy, or dumb luck? Well, considering how bad our defense has been it may be neither, but it's as good a place to start as any in talking about this game. We'll have to wait until Saturday to see, but when the movable object meets the resistant force 43 years of history will be on the line. All it takes is one time.


WeisGipper said...

This is going to be a decent game. It's all going to come down to who has the bigger heart! NAVY always plays their "A" game against the Irish. Maybe this might be their year, but I think this will be the first complete game by the Irish.

ND 31 Navy 20

football dad dan said...

"It's all going to come down to who has the bigger heart!" ---> Come on ... How "clueless" can you be??? Don't you know anything about college recruiting rankings, & the comparative level of players that make up each team's rosters? Give me a break.
I wonder ... Is this "Gary" writing in again using a pseudonym??? (o; (o;

Gary said...

Nope- remember I am on a "mental leave of absence".
Maybe related though.

football dad dan said...

U Da Man! ... See ya next week.

GO NAVY!!! Beat the Irish!!!

jeremy said...

This should be the year that Navy ends their 30+ game losing streak to the Irish. Navy needs to step up their D though, and pressure whoever is at QB for Notre Dame

Gary said...

Regardless of my pointless points of view-I still always care about one thing and that is GO NAVY (I live for this stuff).
Cant say I dont stir it up.
GO NAVY-BEAT ND (I live for the day).