Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feldman Chimes In

Bruce Felman, formerly ESPN.com's homeless man look-alike and one of my challengers over at the Inthebleachers.net pick 'em, has chimed in regarding the upcoming Navy-Notre Dame showdown early next month. While this topic has taken on a taboo, "we don't talk about this like Harry Potter don't talk about that bad guy or whatnot" dynamic amongst Navy fans, Feldman calls the Nov. 3rd matchup the ninth most intriguing game of the second half of the season.

Forget USC-ND: This is the Notre Dame game worth tuning in for. If there was ever a season where Navy had a chance to knock off the Irish, this is it. ND has won an NCAA series-record 43 straight games against Navy. They've done so in nine different stadiums, but this is the worst Irish team in that span. Their offense is horrible and their run defense isn't much better (93rd overall) and Navy has a very potent ground attack. The Irish have scored 80 points in the last two meetings in this series, which is exactly the same number of points the Irish have scored in their first seven games this season.

My thoughts? Heck, like I'm going to talk about this game a whole two and a half weeks before this game actually takes place and jinx our chances. I will, however, shamlessly plug my own work and nudge you with a "I saw it coming" nudge.


Robert said...

This is why we are going to win this year:


Gary said...

I was confident early on but as ND lost you know they could finish 1-11 but THEY would do whatever they could for that 1 win to keep that streak alive.
They will be pointing to and the media too about "the streak/hex/jinx" vs Navy and that will really "wake up their echos".
You can see it already forming as Weiss has now tabbed Sharpley as the QB for USC (he knows they wont beat USC) and we all know that Claussen would have made them even more beatable for us.
If anything it should not be an upset either..we will be underdogs with the better team.
But ND will be pulling all the dead and buried leprechauns from ND stadium and fill their grotto with flames in whatever effort it takes not to lose this one.
You know Slurppy Holtz will be giving his fired up speeth for them too.
For the umpteenth year they again get 2 weeks to lick their wounds and prepare.
It should be interesting.