Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jom Grobe is an Expert in Coach Speek

It's that time of the week again. As Navy head coach Paul Johnson was busy calling Wake's offense "Air Force at warp speed," Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe was busy talking the fear of God into his team and the local media in his Tuesday press conference. Here's a snippet:

"We haven't seen anybody slow these guys down. They've only punted around six times in six games. That tells you how good they are offensively, and then defensively, they're a typical Academy football team. They're going to play hard from start to finish...It's as tough a game coming up this week with Navy as any we've played all year."

That's some high praise, especially considering that Wake Forest opened with undefeated Boston College, which is now the #3 team in the country. Last I checked, Maryland and Florida State ain't too shabby either. But if you think that was some loaded language, check out what Wake center Steve Justice said with regards to Navy's defense:

"I think their defense is good. I just think their offense, they put some points on the board and they run the ball really well. So, we've been watching film of their defense. They have a lot of good players. And they have a bunch of different fronts. So it's going to be hard for us to go in there. They have a good defense."

Did someone just use the words "good" and "[navy's] defense" in the same sentence? What happened, did someone send these guys tape from last year? In all seriousness, this is the best job of a coach getting his guys schooled in the art of diplomatic language that I've seen all season. It almost reminds me of last week, except that instead of the fans, it's the coaches and players from each team trying to define why the other will win. It almost makes you wonder why we can't just get back to the days when you could say someone sucked and then proceed to prove that assertion right.

Full Scouting report on Wake coming tonight/tomorrow morning.


football dad dan said...

Couldn't agree with you more ---> I'll never question the EFFORT put forth by the Navy defense, ... but for any one who understands/appreciates the game of football to assert that our defense is "good" and "plays well" this season is just absurd. Over time they will get better, ... but for now (especially w/ Buffin being the latest casualty) ... they are really, really bad.
Navy "O" has got to Roll ---> Beat WF!!!

Gary said...

Lets face it we all cant stand the phony coach speak BS that none other than our very own PJ employs.
But do you expect?
We cant wait to get on the field and pound on the smaller Mids and our QB cant sleep at night counting his TD passes in his sleep against that D.
Why are we only 3 point favorites?
Its not like we are intimidated by that crowd.

phelix said...

Gary, I think you're the only person I know who'd ever accuse Paul Johnson of coachspeak.

Gary said...

Lets face it every coach does it.
I dont think PJ ever said anything that would not be coach speak.
He may feel good against a certain team but would he ever say that?
Of course not.
If so that only makes for bulletin board material and what coach does that other than maybe SEC coaches.