Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mid-Week Rumblings

Eye on the Rankings

I'm not endorsing obsession over these, but it's an interesting thing to point out as we move through the season and start to learn more about the team and the opposition.

CFN: 80
SI: 61

Air Force
CFN: 53

Sagarin: 112
CFN: 104
SI: 109

The only commentary I really have is that CFN continues to rank Navy low, and Air Force high. I can understand (albeit barely) having Air Force perhaps a few places higher than Navy, but to rank a team 27 spots higher than a team they just lost to doesn't make a lot of sense, no matter how you want to try to spin in. I guess this is what Phelix means when he talks about the logic of Air Force fans.
The Maryland Question
By now you've probably heard that Navy-Maryland in 2010 is a no go. I'm not even going to reference you to the articles exposing the Maryland side of the story, but direct you instead right to Bill Wagner's blog. Mr. Wagner disputes Debbie Yow's (Maryland's AD) assertion that Chet Gladchuck was "dragging his feat" on the issue of scheduling, and instead charges that the Maryland athletic department and specifically Ms. Yow were the one's who broke off communication after a deal in principle had been reached for a two game series beginning in 2010. Apparently the option remains open for the series to be continued, but after this latest round of they-said, we-said, I'm not to sure I'd even like to see us play Maryland.


Gary said...

Who cares- we kicked their ass again.
As if Sagarin and the others are fair to Navy in the first place.
As for Maryland- enough already with that team and AD - we dont need them.
We could go after teams like Syracuse,U Buffalo, Virginia, North Carolina and expect to be competitive if not win those games.
Maybe VA is a slight stretch...

T.J. said...

This just shows how detached these polls are from reality once you get out of the top 25 range.