Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Live Blogging Tomorrow Night

I'm somewhat swamped with midterms and the like this week, but seeing as though I'm going to watching the game tomorrow night I thought it apt to fend off any pretense of actually trying to study intermittently while watching the game. Thus, I've decided that as long as I'm watching the game and doing nothing else, I may as well be live-blogging it as well.

Live-blogging is a good deal, and you should stop in for a number of reasons. First of all, because it's hilarious to see the progression of a fan's attitude during a game. After all, who could forget the "I hate football" proclamation during the second half of the Temple game? Live-blogging is something to take only half-seriously, if that, and it's a good way to commiserate during commercial breaks when your significant other tell you to shut the hell up. Anyways, I'll be here all night, so feel free to stop in and push the panic button with me in real time.

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Gary said...

Hey Adam-
Did you see on Navy football site that Notre Dame lists 20,000 season tickets?
Wow - what do they do limit them because you would think they would be on the "inherited" list.
To see Army with only 11,000 is real sad as its such a beautiful stadium and easy trip for so many NY/NJ people and a great deal price wise.
I would say for Rutgers-they will get totally embarrased by about 25-30,000 Rutgers fans.