Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Coach Johnson Addresses Expectations

Expectations are a constant point of debate among Navy fans. This is nothing new. They're will always be people who look towards success and address setting the bar higher, while there will always be people to remind us that at the Naval Academy, a team can only go so high. What is new in this debate is the voice of Navy's head coach, Paul Johnson, who was quoted on as saying he thinks aiming for Top 25 status is a "realistic goal."

"If we can manage to win enough games this year, it'll be five straight bowl games," the Navy head coach said. "Can we be a top 25 team? Maybe. I think would be realistic goal to shoot for."

I tend to agree with Coach Johnson, and have never really understood why not aiming to be in that 25-30 range is unrealistic. After all, it's not as though you are saying that this team will be challenging for to "bust" the BCS system, but rather that if they can win 7,8, or 9 games a year they should at least be considered for Top 25 status. Seeing that the team has been doing that over the past few years, I think this is the point Johnson was trying to make. In his speech to the Macon Touchdown Club, Johnson also addressed the current BCS formula, saying that he believes eventually a playoff system will have to fall in line. His argument is that as the sport expands and the demand for the sport expands, the big conferences will be forced to adopt a system.

Georgia Tech in 21??: Apparently we're playing the Yellow Jackets somewhere down the line. This after Johnson confirmed to the Macon Touchdown Club that Navy will play Georgia Southern (where Johnson won two I-AA national titles) in 2009.

Smart Kids: Johnson also told the Macon Touchdown Club that the average SAT score for the football team was 1330, which has got to be among the highest in the entire country. It's also a good deal higher than my own 1250, making me look like an idiot compared to a college football team. Oddly enough, how refreshing is it in today's day and age for me to say that?


Anonymous said...

The SAT has some serious shortcomings

Adam said...

Feel free to elaborate...

Gary said...

Its refreshing to hear that PJ has a Top 25 ranking as something that he strives for and thinks about as realistic.
While AP rankings seem to rankle many of the Navy faithful and they point at us as "unrealistic", it is still a measuring stick of where your team stacks up.
While its not BCS ( and we know that is UNREALISTIC) its still an honor to be ranked Top 25.
I dont think any of us were prouder as Navy fans as we were in 2004 when we ranked # 25 and could have been as high as the high teens.
Lets hope that we beat Pitt and again enjoy the fruits of seeing coaches votes begin to come our way.

Adam said...

Actually, we finished 24th in 2004, but I know what you mean.

Gary said...

You are right and we could have easily been 4-5 spots higher.
It was a sweet feeling to me and other Navy fans in NY/NJ area.
But to those who may misread into this-I do not mean that it takes only that to make me proud to be a Navy fan.
That (pride)never waivers, polls-no polls-bad seasons-mid seasons-great seasons.
It just means to me and "my kind" (POLL-ies if you will) that it was an extra special time when you could point and say- THERE!

Anonymous said...

You're a living example. It's never measured heart, grit, determination, etc - character trumps shear intelligence any day