Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Navy-Pitt Second Half Live Blog

Notable Quotes from various game-time conversations:

"this is putting more strain on my bad heart than pt this morning..."

"was that not the scariest pass ever?"

"thank God the future of our navel is under control'

9:55- Time to see who wants it more. I expect both teams to have moderate success on defense with the halftime adjustments, but something has to give. Mark my words, first team to turn it over loses.
9:58- Hand to hand combat in Alumni Hall at halftime. That sure kicks the hell out of the marching band!
10:01- How come in these kinds of game we get a key holding penalty and the other team doesn't?
10:02- This is very very very bad.
10:05- We are getting killed off of play action. We need to get guys to stay on their men.
10:07- No this is not a touchback. I have no idea what the official was looking at.
10:18-Now we're down, and break wise, we're even. We need to score here just to stay on serve.
10:18-Hmm, I was not aware that Kettani rushed for 250 yards in the bowl game. Thanks for the heads up Coach Holtz!
10:23- TOUCHDOWN NAVY. What else is new. We need a stop or this thing will go on forever. Please no, I still have to finish that paper tonight before PT in the morning...
10:39- Ben Gabbard with a four yard gain!
10:41- TOUCHDOWN NAVY! Oh m God, we're winning again. Dare I even try to suggest our defense can hold? I think I will, at least I hope they will.
10:44- Rashawn King is the freaking man.
10:49- Kettani hit the wrong hole. Look for the fake punt...
10:50- Crap. You could see that coming. Veteto should have stayed outside after cutting back, but give Pitt credit. Once again, crap.
10:52- Our linebackers might as well not have torsos. All I see are arm tackles. We must hold them to a field goal here.
10:55- Pitt, believe it or not, is getting predictable on offense. They continue to run it on second down, and just scored off of a draw. I yelled draw right as they came out of the huddle. I don't think Pitt's OC has the balls to throw it deep, so if I were Buddy Green, I'd load the box and/or fire the outside backers. But then again I ain't a real football coach so take that with a grain of salt.
11:00- Time for a New Mexico.
11:05- I don't like where this drive is going. We're going to give it back to Pitt with just enough time. I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but I think we've lost...
11:11- We need a stop here. That or let them score and go for two after we score.
11:13- Wow, Nate is getting destroyed. The whole Eric Kettani dresses well angle is getting old.
11:15- I hate football.
11:19- Pitt's offense is pissed.
11:20- 86 seconds left. We can do it. We did it against Duke.
11:27- Here we go, the ice man.
11:28- Joey Bullen cannot be iced. He's got one more in him. I can feel it.
11:30- Well that was a freaking shame. How big was that missed field goal?
11:32- I can't believe I'm about to say this, but if Pitt wins this game it's because of Wanny. He's been coaching with a frantic desperation that has given his team the ability to come to this point in overtime.
11:36- OMG a stop!
11:37- Nate Frazier just did the dumbest thing ever. What the hell was he trying to do anyway?
11:40- Pitt scores, almost certainly the winning score. If Navy somehow manages to score on the next drive, Johnson should go for two. We need to force the issue or we're just going to die.
11:44- TOUCHDOWN NAVY- Mids back even with Pitt, but another chance to win the game and we don't get it done. How big was that penalty now?
11:49- Sack on Kaipo. Game over. I hate to say it, but dammit.
11:50- Here's what's going to happen. Pitt is going to run the ball down our through and most likely score.
11:52- Fourth and Goal. Here we go...


Anonymous said...

Lou Holtz can't say anything good about Navy. After Campbell's 60 yard kick off return all he can say is "it's embarrasing to get tackled by the kicker." Aside from Holtz being a bitter old SOB, Campbell wasn't even tackled by the kicker.

He also said Pitt was an "impressive team" at the half. Now that's just crazy.

Anonymous said...

Gotta capitalize on the turn-over!

Anonymous said...

I would have rather seen and option than the fake punt but it was the right call to go for it on 4th.

I might just be pushing the panic button too early but I think the momentum may have swung.

Navy has left some points on the field. How big is that missed FG now!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we are going to lose this game because of that penalty!!!!!!!

Are you kidding? Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Where's the erase feature! That was insane! Way to fight it out Navy!!

Huck Finn said...


football dad dan said...

I have no fingernails left ... and my hbp is no doubt "soaring" right now still. Never a fan of those "fade jump ball" lob into the end zone ... cuzz too many variables to make it not work. ---> Thank You coach Wannstadt!!!

You hit the nail right on the head Anonymous, ... Lou Holtz never volunteered a single postive comment about Navy. Eve when Mark May was praising the service academies for "never quitting & playing the full 60 minutes regardsless of the score against a superior opponent", ... old Lou never concurred/gave respect to Navy for the close games they mustered up against a vastly superior Notre Dame team that he coached.
Did anyone else catch that comment early in the 3rd quarter where he gave credit to FB Eric Katani for a 230 yard rushing effort in the Bowl game last season ---> WTF???
Disappointed that Ballard seemed to "fizzle out" after that one very strong series in the 1st half. After he fumbled in the 3rd quarter (luckily Gabbard recovered), ... don't think we saw him the rest of the game ... no?
Gotta like the way Kaipo-Noa threw the ball tonight.
Saw an interesting article in the Washington Post today ---> Stated that in 6 of Navy's last 7 games, ... the opponent will have more than one week (7 days) since they last played to prepare for Navy. (Not that it helped PITT's Dee any tonight). Whose doing the scheduling?
I'm mentally exhausted ... but can't sleep. 0430 & the alarm clock is gonna come all too soon.

Anonymous said...

Navy always seemed to get Notre Dame after they had a bye week to prepare. Maybe it is just because it is seared into my memory, but in 1997, when I was at SWOS, I was close friends with this Notre Dame ROTC guy. We went to see the game at the sports bar near the beach. That game ended with a Navy hail mary that ended in the arms of the Navy trailer at full stride and he was pushed out at the 2yd line for a 1 or 2 point loss. We went out drinking from there and my stunned friend never mentioned the game never spoke about the game after. I thought it was classy of him. I think deep down he had respect from where we were playing from talent wise. Point being we got close a couple of times. Army also was stopped at the goal on a 2 point conversion either the same year or close to it with no time on time on the clock for a 1 point loss. Notre Dame is going to lose one soon. I hope it is this year so Navy leaves the active losing streak graphic.

hlfbcoach said...

"Our linebackers might as well not have torsos" of the greatest quotes of all time! Offense looked awesome - we just had to hold our breath on D and be thankful that Pitt's OC decided pounding Navy by running right at 'em would have been too boring.

Great Win!!!
I really enjoyed reading your blog after the game - too funny!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mids, well fought game. But you should also thank Coach Wannstedt for the victory due to that horrible fade call. McCoy would have scored from the 1 or 2 yd line 90 times out of 100.

Coach Holtz praised the Mids offense, poise and discipline throughout the game. I thought he did a great job and so did Davis and May.

Anonymous said...

Davis and May did a nice job. I'll give Holtz some credit, he came around a bit at the end but I still don't think he's the right guy for that job.

football dad dan said...

Beg to differ with whichever "anonymous" penned comment #10 wrt the "faint praise" tossed Navy's way + the "quality" of Lou Holtz's color commentary. ---> just my opinion/observations though, ... and isn't it a great country!!!
Unlike poor Adam, ... the Navy football team get's to miss academic classes today. Now to prepare for Wake Forest, ... and possibly an assault on the Top 25???

Gary said...

Holtz has held a grudge against Navy from his ND years- for some reason he always belittles their efforts.
He always make them seem like "the little engine that could" only never making it!
Notice how he bragged about ND handling Navy.
The kicker did not tackle Campbell -someone else caught up to him along with the flopping kicker.
Lets hope that crap all ends this year too.
I can see us beating Wake and then ND- 6-2 maybe finally some Top 25 in view!
Thank God for Wannstadts bad 4th down pass- when that was launched we all breathed a sigh of relief.
I think they would have run it in with McCoy-no problem.
Great win-one of the best against BCS team.
Life is good.

phelix said...

I didn't listen to the ESPN guys last night, but Holtz always liked to talk about how much he respected Navy... Right before he'd run up the score. Never liked him.

football dad dan said...

Lou Holtz has always reminded me of one of those "slimy" Used Cars Salemen ... that you knew were trying to take you to the cleaners on a "shady deal".
Any praise/respect he offered towards Navy last night was at best "faint", and certainly didn't sound sincere. Like Phelix mentioned, his actions spoke for themselves back when he coached Notre Dame.

I turn off the ESPN "in studio" broadcast whenever he begins to talk. Can't stomach his condecending b/s.

Dennis said...

Great game, the Navy offense is exciting to watch and your QB (yeah his name is too long to try to spell) is one hell of a player. What did you guys think of our play calling on 3rd and 4th down in the final OT?

I think it's bad enough to cost Wannstedt his damn job.

Keep it real.

Dennis, Pitt Blather

Adam said...

I think I speak for most Navy fans when I say that if Pitt would have run the ball twice in a row, you guys win. Rashawn King is our best player on defense and throwing a fade against him is a much lower percentage then just stuffing it in there.

football dad dan said...

Now "hold your horses there Shipmate!" ... Who's to say that Navy doesn't run-blitz directly into the hole & stop PITT on that 4th & 2, ... or perhaps even 3rd & 2??? ---> We successfully did that earlier in the contest.
I think that I agree with LB Irv Spenser's take that Navy was "gonna stop 'em no matter what!". I was sitting in front of the tube with all sorts of fingers crossed those last two plays, ... and conceded nothing!

Gary said...

Wasnt one of those class Holtz against NAVY games where he actually got upset and choked one of the refs?
I seem to recall an incident (when again he did not appreciate us navals being close) where there was some call against ND and he ran out there and grabbed the refs throat?
Plus HE GOT AWAY WITH IT! In ND stadium of course.
Anyone else recall that one?
Maybe his mother had an affair with a Navy officer or something but he has some deep seeded issue with us.
Lets beat the crap out of it this year and shut his hillbilly sounding ass up!
Whos for 2 years in a row in Baltimore next year too?