Thursday, July 26, 2007

Phil Steele Continues to Blow Me Off

I know what you're thinking. Phil Steele? Again?

Well, yes, sorta. But not in the overtly man-crushing style I have been known for in the past. Yes, it may be true that I carry a picture of the man on the side of this weblog proudly proclaiming it to be "Phil Steele Approved" (completely made up by the way,) and it's no coincidence that for several months a google search of "Phil Steele" would often lead visitors to the single most viewed post on this blog. In short, I’ve lauded his work, I’ve proclaimed the infallibility of his predictions, and I’ve given him a new a growing fan base which to sell his abbreviations of VHT and YPP with. And this is how he repays me?

Where does this new found angst come from you ask? Well, it all started June 30th, as the email below shows. Being a daily visitor to and a frequent reader of his Question and Answer segment, I decided to write the man, the myth, and the legend an email regarding the Navy Midshipmen. Mind you, this wasn't a "how many gamz will navy win next season" kind of question, but an intuitive and well articulated double pronged question that encompassed all three service academy football teams. To be completely objective in my own analysis, it was the perfect question. does clarify that Mr. Steele won't post all the questions and answers on the website, and being as busy as he his (the dude takes like two vacation days a year) I, at the time, didn't expect much. However, I received an email later that day saying the following:

So that was that. Phil will respond within 48 hours. Not "Phil might respond within 48 hours" or "Phil said he hates your question so forget about it," but a simple and direct "Phil will respond within 48 hours." As you may expect, I was more than a little excited at the prospect of receiving that email, to the point where I was counting down the hours two days later.

The email has yet to come.

Today is July 26th. ETA on the Phil Steele email was July 2nd. Considering it was the week of a holiday, I shrugged it off and and gave him another week. Nothing. I checked the website, including the newly updated questions and answers from other college football fans around the web. Nothing. I waited another week and checked it again. Nothing. Heck, I even checked the my regular mail to see if maybe he sent it via the Post Office. Nothing. And now, 24 days after the answer to the greatest college football question on the planet was due to arrive, the latest question and answer segment reveals a familiar tune. Nothing.

The ball is in your court Mr. Steele, the ball is in your court!

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Gary said...

BTW-Pick up CBS Sportsline College Football magazine and you will see the most positive piece about Navy in a long time.
They are claimed among 4 teams as the "next big things" in the terms or what Rutgers did last year.
They think this is the best year to break ND jinx and that a run at 12 wins would captivate the nation like Rutgers did.
Hey start beating the Rutgers-Pitts-Wakes-ND and that is a realistic "dream".