Thursday, July 26, 2007

35 Days and Other Stuff

I'll be traveling this Friday through Sunday so no posting until Monday night at the earliest.

Also, I'll be in Annapolis at the Stadium with my good friend Patrick on Monday for Fan Fest/Media Day. I'm the extremely short college-age looking fellow with a fresh high and tight haircut if anyone wants to say hello. I'll of course have a full report of the festivities Monday/Tuesday.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.


farris said...

You dudes want to join us in the Big 10? I'd like to hear your thoughts on how Navy would fit into the scheme of things...

Adam said...

The Big 10? There's a new one. Talk about Navy joining the Big East is nothing new (and unlikely to happen) but I've never heard the ide aof joining the Big 10. The fatc of the matter is Navy will not join a conference as long as a senisble AD like Chet Gladchuck is at the helm. Independent status works for us, and fixing something that ain't broke is not usuaully a good thing to do.