Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Media Day Linkage

Defense Will Be A Question Mark For Navy (Washington Times)

Navy, Not Resting On Laurels, Looks To Continue Its March (Baltimore Sun)

As Training Camp Begins, Navy Hopes It All Works Out (Washington Post))

Notable Paul Johnson Quotes:

“A lot of those guys over there haven't played yet, but having been here and going into our sixth season, we've got guys who can run better that are a little bigger, a little faster. We've got personnel on defense — they just don't have a lot of experience.”
-Paul Johnson

“I told the team last night we've got potential — the big 'P' word. We've got some of that. Now can they translate that into being a good football team? We'll see.”
-Paul Johnson

"We had the best summer we've had since I've been here."
-Paul Johnson

1 comment:

Gary said...

Its great to see that the new Supe fully understands the importance of and supports the football program.
These Mids do need some additional "considerations" with regards to some relaxing of their duties in order to maximize the effort on the field.
This year will be especially needing that due to the non saturday games we will be playing.
I have heard about football envy and unfair privilages accorded the team among the Brigade for years and hope that all that talk has settled down.
With that kind of support from a new Supe it will enable us to keep PJ here for many years to come.