Wednesday, July 25, 2007

40 Times

Here are some 40-yard dash times listed from the latest Media Guide. There's a lot I could say about these, but most of it could be construed as over analyzing. The first four are likely the fastest times recorded on the team during spring ball (see this presser.) From what I can tell, these are actually legit, unlike most recorded 40 times which are exaggerated by a tenth of a second or more. Interesting to see the Carrollton guys (Thrasher and Reagan) not on here...

SB Reggie Campbell: "Sub 4.44"

SB Shun White: 4.46

FB Eric Kettani: 4.53

CB Ram Vela: 4.54

OLB Jordan Eddington: 4.69

If you want to discuss these, drop a line below. Otherwise adjust the speed rating on NCAA 08 accordingly.

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