Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random Tuesday Points

David Ausiello of GoMids.com has an excellent story on what several Navy football players have been doing this offseason, and as you can expect, it isn't the usual lifting weights and hanging around that your average State U football player does this time of year. For instance, senior linebacker Jon Alvarado has been down at Camp Lejuene working with a Marine Crops Artillery Battalion, calling in air strikes and naval gun support in simulated combat exercises. This is definitely a good read, regardless of whether you're a Navy football fan or not. Be sure to check it out.

The following picture has been on NavySports.com all day, and I thought it was just too goofy looking not to comment on:

The face of Coach Johnson in this picture can only be described as a "dastardly snicker." I mean, that's the kind of face a six year old kid makes when he's just taken a cookie out of the cookie jar without mommy's permission. The fact that it's coming against Fisher DeBerry at last year's game only contributes to the awesomeness which is Paul Johnson.

Phelix over at The Bird Dog has a good run-down of the Mountain West conference media day in respect to the Air Force Academy. As you can expect, it's more mystery and intrigue surrounding an offensive gameplan that may or may not work, an offense Phelix calls "great plan for the Xbox." Speaking of the old 'BOX, anyone with NCAA 08 check out the Air Force playbook yet? If you have, drop me a line and let us know how it looks.

Eric from SatrdaySoundOffs continued to haul through his previews of all 120 Division I-A teams, giving previews of two Navy opponents this week in Northern Illinois and North Texas.

More tomorrow. That is all.

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nonnobis1 said...

We were particularly proud of our son Ben, whose photo graces the story. He was so fired up to go down to Gulfport to do his bit, and can't wait to get back down there.