Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blue Ribbon Previews Navy Football

ESPN annually runs a series of preseason previews courtesy of the Blue Ribbon Yearbook. While most of these previews must be accessed with an ESPN Insider Account (which you can actually get free if you get ESPN the Magazine, like I do) their are free previews available to the general public at the site. Fortunately for fans of independent teams, all three independents are being offered as free previews.

The Navy preview is available hyah, while you can also access the Notre Dame and Army previews at ESPN's college football page. This is a definite must see for fans, as the people at Blue Ribbon always produce one of, if not the best, preseason previews out there. (But Adam, wait, I thought you were an unabashed Phil Steele fanatic? Well I am, but Blue Ribbon gives you more of a "look and feel" of the team, as opposed to Phil's reliance on numbers and just a general bombardment of information. I like to think of the two previews as compliments.)

There are a couple interesting points of note from the preview, and fans of Coach Johnson (which means all of us) will enjoy the coy reference to his interesting sense of humor at the beginning. There is also an interesting mention of sophomore Nate Frazier being a potential NFL prospect down the road, a point which seems a little premature seeing that Frazier has yet to register in any statistical category except "plays." There is also a nice quote by Clint Sovie in the linebacker section talking about how Sovie is transitioning from being the "new guy" in the unit to the experienced and insightful veteran. Very good stuff.

Blue Ribbon doesn't really go out of their way in the prediction department, but like every preseason preview out there seems content to pencil in the Midshipmen with a winning season and an appearance in the Poinsettia Bowl. Sounds good to me.

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Trafer said...

Hey man great job on the site!!! never knew about it until I saw a link in a YouTube video. Keep up the good work and Semper Fi!