Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just for Fun: College Football Facebook Groups

If we can't all agree on the BCS formula, the toughest conference, or the supposed merits of reading five different preseason guides each week, then at least we can all agree on something. That is that Facebook is a hilarious way for college football fans and players to express themselves, and not necessarily always in productive ways. Aside from allowing me to "poke" Navy slotback Zerbin Singleton or to buy "Adam Ballard 4 Heisman" shirts, it also gives college football fans an avenue to express their unique rooting interests. And no, we're not talking the "OMG Brady Quinn have my babies" or "UR TEAM SUX" type rooting interests. No, dare I say the college football fan has evolved past this. So here's the deal. I've searched through just about every FBS (yes dammit I use the new acronym) team and highlighted some of the best facebook groups related to that team that I found. Your team doesn't have a group? Well, I guess you and your university's student body have failed your football team, haven't they?

Note: I usually try to keep this blog classy and PG rated, but obviously a few of these group exhibit, uh, some of the stronger passions of college football fans. Keep in mind all these groups are actual facebook groups (you can;'t make stuff up as good as this), and I'm not endorsing any of them. So basically, I don't want to get the CFR treatment and have a million screaming 'Bama fans telling me how much of an idiot I am.

Akron: Akron will be national champs: Cause Gary "Pride of Colerain" II

Alabama: Alabama Football is the main reason why I drink...

Arizona State: I (Strongly dislike) Rudy Carpenter

Arkansas: Houston Nutt wont let me play football so im telling my momma

Army: Army Football Owns You

Auburn: The Tommy Tuberville Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good

Baylor: Baylor uses facebook to recruit people to attend home football games.

Boise State: Chris Myers ruined Ian Johnson's marriage proposal


Cal: If I were an oak tree I'd die for Cal Football.

Central Michigan: If this group hits 1,500, I will streak at the WMU vs. CMU football game!

Clemson: Boycott SportsCenter for Their Incredulous Reporting of Clemson Football

Colorado: Go Play Intramurals Brutha.....

UConn: Connecticut, it's almost a rectangle (not actually about football)

Duke: Duke Football (I'm feeling a win this year!)

East Carolina: Dowdy-Ficklen Fanatics

Eastern Michigan: I'm glad i'm NOT a Michigan State football fan

Florida: Guns Don't Kill People, Tim Tebow Does

Florida International: Dis is 4 all the Hurricane fans that think FIU started and loss the fight

Florida State: FSU dropped Jeff Bowden like the IAU dropped Pluto

Fresno State: Reggie Bush is an alien disguised as an inexplicably good football player

Navy: Making Tackles: Greg Sudderth can't do it (started by teammate and friend Greg Thrasher, who seems to spend way too much time on the Internet)

Notre Dame: I Would Let Tom Zbikowski Punch Me in the Face

Oklahoma: I want Rhett Bomar's old job at Big Red Sports/Imports

Penn State: I will give JoePa any body part so he can walk the sidelines

Pitt: Fans of Dave Wannstedts mustache ( the Wannstache)

Purdue: Destination Curtis Painter: 5000 Yards!!!!

Rutgers: Rutgers Football is the only thing going for NJ

South Carolina: Steve Spurrier was a dick...now he's a Cock!

South Florida: Pat White? Brian Brohm? F that, Matt Grothe!

Texas: Colt McCoy drinks a 1/2 gallon of milk a day AND SAVED A MAN'S LIFE.

Texas A&M: Mark Dodge: The Unsung Hero

Texas Tech: I could have gone to Texas Tech...but I already have a high school diploma.

Tenneesse: Down with the big orange pumpkin

USC: Its not USC I hate.. its more Pete Carroll

Vanderbilt: Fumbles, Bumbles, Stumbles: THIS Is Vanderbilt Football!

Virginia Tech: "Enter Sandman" is the BEST college football entrance.

Wake Forest: UNC fans have nothing better to do than make hate-wake facebook groups

Washington: The Opponent's Special Teams Are Actually "Special", The Huskies Still Lost

West Virginia: Pat White TV Growl = best ESPN moment ever...


Wyoming: Karsten Sween For Heisman 2007, 2008, 2009


Conquest Chronicles said...

Why would you hate Pete Carroll?

I guess I’m not quite sure why there is so much animosity towards him. He has done what he has supposed to do…WIN. It’s not his fault that the MSM makes a bigger deal out of SC’s success than it should.

And because of that success he is under the microscope more than others so his every move is scrutinized. Why not just celebrate the success and leave it at that.

Adam said...

I personally am not a fan of Caroll, but that has more to do with his NFL days (I'm a Bills fan) than anything else. I think most people who loathe him nowadays do so because they find his "player’s coach" personality annoying. At least that's my best guess. Some of it may have to do with him being a mediocre NFL coach as well, which leads people to believe his success at USC has less to do with his coaching ability and more to do with the quality of recruits he brings in. But than again you’re the SC guy, so you probably have a better idea of this than I do.

Gary said...

While I have no problem with Pete Carroll the USC-college coach who at least seems to run a fairly-very clean program for a Top rated team.
I too recall the one moment that makes me think negative and that was when he had the audacity and inmaturity to give a Dolphin placekicker and team the choke sign after missing a field goal.
The other fact that he coached the hated Jets who was typically overrated (as bad as they were)at the time also did not help.
I think he is an excelent (great) college coach as he has that youthful look and excitement and runs a good program.
He seems to relate well and is tough enough on a group of kids that could be tough to handle.
While he gets top notch blue chippers-he still has to handle them and make them listen too.