Saturday, July 21, 2007

Random Pickings: Poll Edition

It seems about time to wrap up the "Signature Win" poll that's been running for the better part of the summer, and to move on to a weekly poll format that blogger has just installed on the template. This week's poll question is "How Many Games will Navy win in 2007," and yes, just to clarify, that includes any bowl win the Midshipmen may or may not accumulate. You can find the poll to your right on the sidebar.

As for the the previous poll on the "signature" win, 24% of respondents said that Paul Johnson has yet to win a "signature game" during his time at the Naval Academy. 19% of respondents said that Navy's win over 25th ranked Air Force in 2003 would qualify as Johnson's signature win at the Academy.

I'll have more content up during the week, including a continuation of the positional previews we've been running through.


Gary said...

Hi Adam:
With regards to the poll I have entered 10 or more with my feeling that we will go 10-2 in the season.
The Bowl game will be the toughest one yet with either BYU or Utah of if they slip a bit TCU and any of those would be tough for us.
I have losses against Rutgers-Notre Dame- or we finally break that ND streak and lose to either Pitt or Wake.
There is no reason why we cannot expect even now to beat :
Ball State
Air Force
North Texas
Northern Illinois

Thats 8 alone- now this does not mean we wont slip in one of those due to motivational factors (not counting any injuries).
But we should be favored and win those games-no matter how tough some may end up.
Enough of those Tulsa like bad breaks already!
Yes this is not an experienced team but you know PJ will have them ready and flying and they want to go out as the best senior class ever too.
These are lofty expectations but in my heart of hearts they are reachable.
The Bowl game?
Thats one better suited to predict better in November.
Regardless of what others may think (thats why we do this) its time for more lofty goals and you know what?
The lack or respect accorded the Mids will make it tough to even crack the Top 25with a 10-2 season while others would be ranked in the Top 15.

Martinez21 said...

Wow, Gary. I'm pulling for a great season too, but I fear it'll be easier to slip to North Texas and Northern Illinois than most are giving credit. That would make two of your eight a "close call" and we normally have a few of those anyway. I'll keep hoping for the 10, but realistically, I'm thinking more like 7 (including the bowl).

P.s. Adam, can you see about making the poll options any color other than black? It's a tad hard to read black on blue - although those are good colors on Navy football opponents!

Adam said...

I too feel NIU will be a tough game, although I wouldn't overlook the natural advantage Navy has in that these two programs have never faced off under Johnson. Preparing for the triple option that late in the year and for the first time as a staff and a team can be a nightmare, and nobody really knows what NIU’s offense is going to look like with Wolfe.

North Texas will be a solid program 3-4 years down the road, but I think they will struggle next season. Navy of course still needs to "show up" and execute, but to be honest I think North Texas may be the weakest team on the schedule this year, including Temple and Delaware. I can't think of one team not named the 2006 Rice Owls that went from such a bad season to such a good one after having to replace the entire coaching staff and relearn a totally new system in the off-season. I could be wrong, but I'd be much more worried about a Ball St. or Duke than North Texas, at least as far as this year goes anyway.

I'll see what I can do about the colors. Blogger is very frustrating to work with, but I'll see if I can get the poll text in white. I appreciate the feedback by the way.