Monday, July 30, 2007

Navy Fan Fest 2007

Football Season is in the air, and not just of the CFL rerun variety either. Yesterday marked the annual Navy Football Fan Fest/Media Day, the traditional marker of the beginning of fall camp and the ultimate prelude to the start of the season. I'll have further links and analysis on the transcripts, interviews, and newspaper articles which will begin to crop up within the next day, but for now I've got some random thoughts on the event.

As usual it was great to get out and talk to all the players. With everything going on in sports right now and all the negative publicity in the NFL and major college football, it's such a breath of fresh air to interact with the kind of student athletes you find at the Naval Academy. As you probably guessed from the above photo, it was especially good to get a chance to talk with Jarod Bryant, who remains as upbeat as ever on Navy's chances next season. I also really enjoyed talking with Joey Bullen, who said he's looking forward to competing with Matt Harmon for the starting place kicking job this fall. I made sure to get a few words in with Adam Ballard, Eric Kettani, Troy Goss, and Zerb Singleton, who all said they were ready to get going for the season and even inquired about the blog. Greg Thrasher, who sat out the 2006 season, also said he's back and ready to go for fall camp. Jeff Deliz was very humble about being named team captain, and more or less made my day when he said he enjoyed reading the blog. The slotbacks all seemed to be in good spirits, including Greg Shinego, who is my choice as a surprise performer in 2007. And then there was O.J. Washington, who may have been a little annoyed at my prodding him about last month's wide receiver preview, but was very excited about his 91 speed rating in NCAA '08. I also ran into David Ausiello from, who writes a great column called "Off The Yard" over there.

Oh yea, and then there was this amazing piece of Naval hardware:

Let me just say that was one helluva moon bounce.

I attempted a video broadcast from the event, although it made absolutely no sense so I decided to give up on it thirty seconds into taping. I guess I should stick to writing.

All in all, a good way to open up fall camp and kickoff the final countdown to the 2007 season. As usual, Navy's players conducted themselves with a degree of class and enthusiasm that is unmatched anywhere else in college football.


Gary said...

What a great time that had to be(unfortunately work /duty called for me).

JB looks like a real "cool dude" and thats what so many fans (outside of Navy fans) dont realize is that our "Mids are still kids" and to see pictures of them relaxing and being themselves is great to see.

I expect to see alot and expect alot from JB this year too-I have had a good feeling about him from the time he stepped into the Rutgers debacle last year.

He has an almost "Flutie" like look to him and looks like a cool operator.

I see good times ahead!

Phelix said...

That is the most awesome inflatable object ever created by human hands.

Adam said...

Jarod is really a great guy, it was great to see him interacting with the kids and just taking a general interest in the people he was talking to. I like that he signs his autographs with a bible passage as well. He's the kind of guy you just hope gets the chance to succeed.

Word. I want to know where I can rent one of those.