Monday, July 30, 2007

UPDATE: Phil Steele was Never Actually Blowing me Off

Wow, you're not gonna believe this. A few days after posting that Phil Steele was blowing me off on a Navy-centric question, I've come to learn that it was a freak email error which caused the question to never actually reach Mr. Steele.

Crazy, I know. Shortly after returning to my home following the Navy football fan fest, I received an email from Debbie Corrigan, a member of Phil's staff. She explained that she had been on vacation during the time my email was sent, and that for some technical error that I'm not even gonna try to understand, it was never delivered.

I immediately emailed Debbie to let her know that the post on Friday was more of a good-hearted joke on a slow day than anything else, and that I remain a devoted customer of Phil Steele magazine. She said to expect a answer to my question this Thursday at If this isn't proof enough that Phil and his staff take care of their readers and fans, I don't know what is.

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