Thursday, August 03, 2006

We talking 'bout Practice, Yo...

"How Was Practice Today?"

-Paul Johnson

Am I the only one who thinks Coach Johnson is hilarious? Probably not, but quick once-over of the latest Presser from the first day of practice (Thursday, August3rd) reveals that things may be starting off on a bad foot. Case in point, Mr. Trey Hines, who apparently is suppose to start for us on September 2nd against ECU. Yet, as the Presser shows, once again it looks like the Senior slot back is having difficulty with injuries.

"What's up with Trey?"

"Good question. The guy stays hurt all the time. That's all I know. "

"Was it a surprise to you?"

"Yep. It sure was."

" What is it?"

"I don't know. He's just hurt."

While more of the exchange is captured in the report, I really can't tell if Coach Johnson A) So pissed off he doesn't care B) Generally has no idea what's going on with Trey or C) Is screwing around with this reporter. Since I've never met the guy and can only go off what other people say about him, I'm somewhat inclined to think of D) All of the above. Trey's situation is certainly weird though, as I saw him but yesterday, and asked how he felt. He told me he was nearly 100%, and looked forward to starting this season. While I know this Navy team is deep at slotback, suddenly the prospect of not having Karlos Whittaker or Trey Hines in the lineup makes us a lot thinner. I want to make it clear I'm not making random, baseless assumptions on Trey's status, as I can say I'm about as clueless as everyone is on this situation.

Dude looked fine yesterday

Coach Johnson did talk about some other stuff too. While apparently the 105 degree heat was a little too frigid for his taste, he did however tentatively compliment the conditioning of the team. He also made reference to how all the WR's "look like an All American in shorts," but the real tests comes when they start donning pads and blocking.

In separate news, former Navy slotback Karlos Whittaker will be playing for the Howard Bisons of Washington DC this year. This comes after seeing his name listed on the official Bisons roster for the 2006 campaign (He is number 25). It will be interesting to see how he does when Howard plays Rutgers on September 9th, and I would think that with his potential and D I-A experience he could really put a dent in some opponents rush defense. I wish him only the best for the 2006 season.

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