Friday, August 25, 2006

Land-Mine Games

Ok, you knew it was coming. Finally something interesting and worth analyzing from Today the college football mega-site released its "Land-Mine Games." According to CFN, these are basically your standard "let-down games" that you can't count on party-loving 21 year olds to fully show up for.

Navy's letdown game, according to CFN, is Duke. Unfortunately, I think CFN got this one wrong. You see, with Zach Asack at QB this was a letdown game. Now it's just a game against a team with a talented defense but no offense to speak of. I think that Navy's landmine game is instead against Air Force out in Colorado Springs. Considering that everyone and his brother is ready to write Fisher DeBerry off, I would be weary of of this Air Force team, especially if Navy comes in undefeated, and Air Force comes in winless.

So, what of teams who face landmine games against Navy? Well, CFN seems to think Tulsa and UConn face tough battles against the Midshipmen, which i would have to agree with. However, how can Navy be the landmine game for Duke when Duke is the landmine game for Navy? A better pick would have been the opener against Richmond for Duke.


A Liberal in Utah said...

Air Force

Phelix said...

I don't necessarily believe in all this "landmine" stuff, but if I did I'd say Duke would definitely be it for us. Everyone seems to think we'll sleepwalk through our last 4 games. But we aren't the kind of team that can really let our guard down against anyone.