Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tuesday Walkthrough

An interesting article out this morning, naming Brain Hampton one of the "Top 10 Querterbacks You
Haven’t Heard Of." Hampton is named 5th on the list, with the following writeup:

Hampton is built like a tank, has a stronger arm than his predecessors and most importantly, is a senior very familiar with Paul Johnson’s triple-option offense.
Navy’s running game is where they make hay and Midshipmen quarterback coach Ivin Jasper told The Washington Post that Hampton runs like mid-90s record breaker Chris McCoy. The running game sets up the pass, which averaged over 20 yards per completion last year, a total that Hampton could boost with his arm strength this year.

A more or less accurate assessment, and no, I don't feel like he's getting too much hype. When you look at the other guys on the list, this should instead be the "Top 10 QBs You REALLY have never heard of." To be honest with you, I had only heard of four guys on the list beside Hampton, and had only really "known of" two others (Cubit and Rowe). Nobody is saying (yet) that Hampton or any of these guys are stars, but that they have the potential to lead teams to winning seasons and put up good numbers in doing so. While I'm not to sure about the McCoy reference (although I will say Hampton has some nice moves), I was pleased to see this article. (HT Phatphelix at GoMids)

There is also an interesting preview up of the matchup between East Carolina and Navy, albeit from a biased source on the CUSA-Fans website. Thomas "Bubba" Rosenbaum does a good job breaking down the matchup, starting with injuries and going down to intangibles. Although the statement about ECU's work ethic, and how it's the best in the NCAA, is outrageous and most likely untrue, the article represents a fairly honest assessment of what the game should be like.

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