Monday, August 14, 2006

CFN does another pointless, overly complicated ranking has officially covered anything and everything that has to do with the sport. Yet, as you can see here, the popular website has once gain turned to ranking some odd, arbitrary concept with odd, arbitrary guidelines. Some of these ranking have resulted in a fairly favorable portrayal of Navy football. For example, who among us can forget that if the 95 college football players ranked ahead of Adam Ballard all feal with freak ACL injuries, the Navy fullback would be a shoe-in for the Heisman. Yet it was also CFN who ranked us 89th in the preseason, below Poinsettia Bowl loser Colorado St. This time CFN decides to go with "Program Rankings," whatever the hell that means. Snuggled in at #51 is Navy. The website had this to say about the program:

"From 109 in 2003 to being on the verge of the top 50 in three years, it's hard to argue with anyone who wants to put Paul Johnson among the nation's best head coaches. Navy won 26 games in the last three seasons after winning 27 in the previous seven, but only two of those wins came against teams that finished with a winning record. The APR Score certainly doesn't hurt things, but Navy can't get much higher with the low Attendance and Draft Scores always going to be a problem. The Bad Loss came at home against Delaware in 2003."

Id' like to point out the fact that NMCM is not a huge stadium in terms of capacity, but that doesn't accurately represent the following of this team. In addition, the Delaware loss of '03 isn't as bad as these I-AAphobes think. After all, the Blue Hens did win the National Championship that year.

While we're on the subject of CFN, I might as well fill ya'll in on how we're going to do this year. While the Navy game-by-game predictions havn't been released yet, several of our opponents predictions have. Here's what they came up with.

East Carolina: No prediction yet
Stanford: Beats Navy, goes 5-7 for the season.
Tulsa: No prediction
UConn: Beats Navy, goes 6-6 for the season.
Air Force: Loss to Navy, goes 4-8
Rutgers: Beats Navy, goes 6-6
Notre Dame: No prediction (although I'm sure I could take a guess)
Duke: No prediction
E. Mich: Loss to Navy, goes 3-9
Temple: No prediction
Army: No prediction

As soon as CFN decides it wants to release Navy's projected schedule, you can be sure I'll have it up here, red pen markings and all.


Anonymous said...

Based on the predictions that are already out, and assuming they predict an "L" to Notre Dame, the best they think we will finish is 8-4. And that is if they think we will beat Tulsa and ECU. I actually think CFN will predict us at 7-5 with a loss to Tulsa and wins over the others.

Mr. A said...

I think 7-5 sounds about right for CFN. Considering they left a comment about how we didn't deserve to go to the Mienke Car Care Bowl over Sout Florida, it wouldn't surprise me if that's how they saw it.